Layer1 Technologies is the bitcoin mining data center operator (BTC) located in the United States, and has distributed its mining containers called Bitcoin batteries, which include large energy storage systems.

The first tier claims that bitcoin batteries will help stabilize the unstable seasonal energy market in Texas by releasing electricity to meet demand.

“Thanks to the centralization of consumption and the release of several megawatts per container into the data center, Layer1 bitcoin batteries stabilize power systems at the national and local levels, which often suffer from a sharp increase in demand,” the company said.

Bitcoin batteries stabilize the energy market
With Bitcoin batteries installed, Layer1 Alexander Ligl, co-founder and CEO, claims the mining company is “the first company in the world to use the bitcoin mining industry to reduce large amounts of energy consumption during market demand and network launch periods.” By clicking a button. ”

We are the first company to ideally approve financial incentives for large-scale energy consumption for high-performance computing such as bitcoin mining or cloud computing, and with the need to install the power system by energy market regulators.

The company plans to use energy in response to local increases in consumer demand, such as during heat – when increased air conditioner use could threaten blackouts.

The first level to return 30% of the world's cannabis power
In February, Layer1 Technologies outlined an ambitious plan to return 30% of Bitcoin's total to the U.S. by the end of next year.

Layer1 plans to create the industry's first fully-vertical vertical mine, which takes pride in creating its own strength, patented ASIC chips and mining containers with a patented floating cooling system that reduces energy costs by 75%.

Top Chinese miners want to work in the United States
In an interview with Cointelegraph, Adam Trademan, president of Ripple SBI Asia, confirmed that he had already noticed a “significant” shift from east to west in the mining sector.

Trademan predicted a “massive influx” of “booming Chinese miners [moving] to the United States” over the next three years, confirming that Texas was providing electricity prices that are often much lower than $ 0.03-0.05 per kilowatt hour paid by miners in China .

However, Trademan noted that President Trump's tariffs for China are “truly destructive,” adding: “When they are canceled, this will be a major acceleration.”

Source: CoinTelegraph