Jacob Dolek, a founding partner of the American mining company Bitcoin (BTC), has filed a lawsuit against his former business partner, Alexander Legl.

According to court documents filed on October 30, Dolich argued that Liegl ultimately failed to raise money for the company. As a result, Dolek said he had to pay $ 16.24 million out of pocket to buy the power plant for the mining company. He also said he spent an additional $ 3.5 million to expand the facility.

Dolich sensed a brief change in his investment and said Layer1 had acquired full legal ownership of the related assets. When Dolich later met with Ligl to hand over the money to Layer1 without permission, Ligl should have kicked him out of the company.

Through the suit, Dolich hopes to “protect his rights to the property he acquired directly from the seller.” Legal documents suggest that although Layer1 technically bears the name, the power plant and extension are owned “right and right by Dolic”.

This is not the first time Dolich is involved in a lawsuit in the crypto industry. On September 30, 2019, London-based payments company Digital Capital filed a lawsuit against Genesis Mining, another company co-founded by Dolich.

The lawsuit alleges that Genesis Mining did not pay for the development and maintenance costs of the credit card program. The company’s unpaid bills totaled approximately $ 3.1 million. In March, Genesis Mining Island said in a lawsuit that Digital Capital was unable to offer software with capabilities beyond “edge functionality.”

Source: CoinTelegraph