Crypto exchange KuCoin has announced that it will open a virtual office inside the skyscraper of the decentralized Bloktopia metaverse.

KuCoin said Tuesday that it will join the Metaverse by launching an office on the Bloktopia platform, designed like a skyscraper. The virtual building has 21 levels, with a total supply of 21 million Bitcoin (BTC), and is expected to house other creators including Polygon and Avalanche.

According to the exchange, the meta-office will allow users to decorate online networks, interact with virtual furniture, chat and talk to each other in a virtual environment. KuCoin appears to have adopted a meta-friendly business model, offering support for Bloktopia’s original token, BLOK, as well as a tool for Dreams Quest (DREAMS), a blockchain-based gaming platform targeting the definition-based economy.

KuCoin stickers “coming soon” in the Metaverse. Source: KuCoin
Last week, major companies including Facebook, Microsoft and Nike announced their intention to join the metaverse. Facebook has officially changed to Meta, Microsoft has updated its Teams and Xbox Game Console services as part of its metaverse plans, and Nike job postings have revealed that the clothing company has hired a virtual shoe designer.

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While crypto companies will follow in KuCoin’s footsteps in creating a virtual office space for users, it remains to be seen how Facebook Product Manager Chris Cox spoke at Web Summit 2021 on Wednesday about how the environment could be a better fit for some companies:

“I started doing my staff meetings in workrooms, and the reason it’s better for us is that you can see body language and voice in the room, which means you can talk about each other. You can use your hands, which is a big part of the way you communicate, and then you can Bending over and changing your focus somehow based on a situation that aligns very much with the way we meet with the group.”
KuCoin was launched in 2017 and reported 10 million users in August. Last year, hackers stole about $275 million from the exchange before they could get most of the money back.

Source: CoinTelegraph