Kanye West has expressed his displeasure with the paparazzi after he was photographed arriving at Miami International Airport on Monday, as seen in a video released by ET Canada. Kanye can be heard talking to the operator:

“It’s only one-sided. You can follow us and walk away from the hotel at any time. You don’t give us a percentage of what you earn from us, from our children. And I will change that.”

Kanye and Miami | Source: ET Canada.

The photographer argued that “without honest photography, there would be no [documented] celebrity story.” However, it was clear that Kanye’s main concern was in the rights to the royalties for the paparazzi’s photos, and not in the problems of the alleged breach of privacy. “You know, NFT [non-fungible tokens] people always get paid for the product they publish. So my picture is part of what I have to get paid for. We all need to make money together,” Kanye said.

NFT platforms such as OpenSea.io allow creators to set up royalties of up to 10% and earn revenue every time artwork is sold through the platform. However, there are still questions about the possibility of joint profits from celebrity photos. First, the major NFT platforms typically do not overlap each other on proprietary structures, which means that creators would not receive any money if, for the sake of argument, their OpenSea NFT was sold elsewhere. In addition, the copyright issue of the original work can only be resolved through off-chain negotiations.

Source: CoinTelegraph