BlockShow revealed speakers at the upcoming cryptocurrency event to be held in Singapore in December. As previously announced, the Singapore Fintech Festival, or SFF 2020, is being organized in partnership with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the country’s largest financial regulator and de facto central bank. The online hybrid event and physical event will run from December 7-11, 2020.

The next conference will broadcast panel discussions on two channels, the so-called Green Buds and the Global Channel.

Within the Global Channel, speakers at SFF 2020 will discuss a range of topics related to the future of money. The channel will feature the Digital Money 2030 board, as well as a discussion on central bank digital currencies. The discussion was moderated by the professional services firm Accenture. It will feature Chris Giancarlo, former chair of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and Chad Cascarias, CEO and co-founder of Paxos.

Other discussions on the Global Channel will cover a variety of topics related to blockchain technology and economics and address issues related to decentralized finance, enterprise blockchain, and crowd-credit. The channel is having a fiery chat with Akon in Akon City 2023.

The second channel, or the so-called “green shoots”, will include in-depth discussions and technical details. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin will be the keynote speaker, as he will begin the discussion on “Blockchain for Good” related to Ethereum 2.0 launch.

The channel will also focus on the role of digital currencies in payment systems with Winklevoss brothers and leaders from the Libra Association, Coinbase and Circle. The Singaporean authorities will also discuss the Ubin payment blockchain project. Other speakers on the channel include executives from large industry companies such as FalconX, Pantera, BlockFi and Grayscale.

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Source: CoinTelegraph