Jackson, Tennessee, became the last city in the United States to move to accept payments and bitcoin (BTC) mining following recent developments in the Florida crypto industry.

Jackson Mayor Scott Conger announced on Wednesday that the city is actively exploring the possibility of paying salaries to its employees in cryptocurrency, as well as hacking bitcoins and putting them on the city’s balance sheet. The mayor indicated that the city wants to activate payroll across multiple digital assets with reference to coins such as Bitcoin, Ether (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

“Local governments will take the lead in adopting #Bitcoin, and with it, a new industrial revolution with a resilient economy will begin that will help bridge the wealth gap,” Mayor Conger said on Twitter on Thursday.

The latest announcement came shortly after Mayor Conger joined the crypto community’s laser eyes flash group after he changed his Twitter profile earlier this week to include laser eyes. The laser eye coding trend emerged in February when industry leaders and users altered their Twitter profile photos to include laser eyes to support the rise in bitcoin prices.

The mayor is following in the footsteps of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who has backed a major initiative to allow Miami residents to pay taxes and earn their salaries in Bitcoin. The city commission has already backed the decision to study bitcoin as an acceptable investment for municipal funds. The Miami-Dade County Commissioner supported a similar tax ruling in April.

“I’m just following your lead,” Mayor Jackson said in response to Mayor Suarez’s support for his recent move to the crypto room.

Source: CoinTelegraph