The recently renamed Square (now Block) Crypto division offered the Lightning Development Kit (LDK) as it aims to speed up the Bitcoin network.

On Tuesday, Jack Dorsey’s Spiral team released a video explaining the characteristics of Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning and LDK.

LDK is designed to allow developers to seamlessly connect their apps to the web on mobile devices and POS terminals.

LDK supports native APIs that use the programming languages ​​Rust, C, Swift, Java and Kotlin. This allows developers to customize the wallet app for users in the language of their choice, and also eliminates the need for separate Bitcoin and Lightning Network (LN) wallets.

In the video, the former Twitter boss described LDK as a program that “allows any developer in the world to create a wallet”.

The video shows the Jack Dorsey doll in collaboration with sellers and store owners who pay for services using the Lightning Network. He uses his LN mobile wallet app to pay for the nose piercing and a movie ticket, while the video occasionally goes to the Spiral team based on the values ​​of Bitcoin and LN.

Spiral, formerly known as Square Crypto, has been developing Bitcoin wallet solutions since its founding in 2019. In addition to LDK, Spiral is working on a Bitcoin development kit that enables interoperability across platforms with mobile wallets.

Lightning is a second-tier solution for bitcoin scaling that, according to Spiral project manager Haley Berko, “makes bitcoin a real payment system.”

Spirals Conor Ocus expects that their LDK will increase the use of Bitcoin and LN, “to enable people in different parts of the world … to retain value and participate in economic activity.”

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The product launches just in time for Lightning users, as the number of network nodes is at a record high. The latest reading from Bitcoin Visuals shows that there are 18,905 nodes on the Lightning Network with active channels.

Over the last three months, the total number of nodes has grown by 23%, with 3,534 new nodes added. The LN network currently has a capacity of 3,285 BTC, or around $ 166 million, according to 1ML.

Source: CoinTelegraph