Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey highlighted his passion for bitcoin and decentralization in a series of 13 tweets that today explain why the company banned US President Donald Trump from accessing the platform last week. Despite his claim that this is “the right decision for Twitter,” Dorsey admits that he is setting a dangerous precedent.

On January 7, Trump was banned from accessing social networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube after he was accused of inciting his supporters to storm the Capitol building, killing four people. Social media sites have expressed concern that Trump will use them “to further fuel violence.”

In today’s Twitter thread, Dorsey provides a more detailed explanation and acknowledges that the decision was not easy and that it will have “real and significant consequences.” He said that while the incident was just “a company that made a business decision to amend,” it would be very similar to “the government’s denial of access.”

Dorsey made it clear that he did not want Twitter’s unilateral actions to “destroy the free and open global Internet,” and suggested that Bitcoin’s decentralization model is the best way to deal with the future control and moderation of the Internet.

Bitcoin explains “what the Internet will be like and will get bigger over time,” he adds:

“The reason I am so passionate about Bitcoin is largely due to the model it shows: an important internet technology that no one or device can control or influence.”
The CEO also reminded readers that Twitter is actively trying to move towards a decentralized future “to fund an initiative around a decentralized open standard for social media.”

Dorsey issued a clarification when it became known that Trump had been indicted for the second time by the House of Representatives. Although the topic is only two hours old, it has already received over 41,000 likes.

Source: CoinTelegraph