Join us as we discuss this and more with Coffee N Crypto co-host Tim Warren and Mark Yusko.
In this week’s Market Talks, we welcome Mark Yusko, Founder, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of Morgan Creek Capital Management.

Mark W. Yusko is an investor and hedge fund manager. He is the founder, chief investment officer and managing director of Morgan Creek Capital Management and a co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital.

The main topic of discussion with Mark is whether we are finally at the end of this crypto winter and what this could mean for the future of the crypto market. Will we continue to move higher in price or is another drop below $17,000 just around the corner?

As everyone looks ahead to the latest FOMC meeting, we ask Mark what he thinks about the importance of the FOMC meeting and what higher interest rates mean for you, both individually and for the markets as a whole.

While some people might not want to admit it, it looks like the US economy is in a recession, we ask Mark what he thinks about it and why recessions aren’t necessarily a bad thing and are an important part of any financial situation could be. System. You may be wondering how best to navigate the current market conditions, don’t worry we’re asking Mark what is the best strategy to use right now so you don’t have to guess anymore.

Tesla is back in the news after selling 75% of its Bitcoin holdings. We will discuss what impact, if any, this has had on the cryptocurrency market and why a company that has backed bitcoin in the past might want to sell most of its assets?

Bear markets are usually a great time for companies to innovate and build. We ask Mark what innovations he’s most excited about in the crypto space and where he sees the greatest potential. Now might be a good time to start saving more crypto, but what’s the best crypto asset to invest in for the long term right now? Bitcoin or Ethereum (ETH)?

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Source: CoinTelegraph