A fake cryptocurrency app on the Apple App Store was reported to have stolen 600,000 Bitcoin (BTC) from an iOS user.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that the owner of the cryptocurrency, Philip Christodoulou, fell victim to a fake app in the App Store, and lost almost all of his savings to a fake cryptocurrency app.

Christodoulou went to the App Store last month looking for the Trezor mobile app to check Bitcoin balances over the phone. Unaware that Trezor does not currently offer an iOS app, Christodoulou has downloaded the Trezor dual app with about five stars, which gives the impression that this is really the official app. After entering the original phrase, Christodoulou said his 17.1 BTC savings had been stolen.

Christodoulou said that Apple, which gathers between 15 and 30% of the sales commissions, should take responsibility for the situation. They betrayed my trust in them. He said: “Apple does not deserve to get away.” The Washington Post reported that Christodoulou provided a report to the FBI.

Following a warning from Trezor, Apple removed the fake Trezor app several times, but after a few days, it still appeared in the App Store.

The crypto community is somewhat divided about whether Apple should blame the crash. “This is a ridiculous nightmare.” Crypto investor Scott Melker said on Twitter, after being tricked by the fake Trezor app on Apple’s “hand-picked and secure app store.” Jameson Loeb, co-founder of the crypto storage platform Casa, said: “Stop writing start phrases in the program. Only insert seeds into dedicated Bitcoin devices. ”

Fake cryptocurrency wallets and trading apps have already appeared in the App Store. The British company Coinfirm said that five people have reported that their cryptocurrency has been stolen by a fake Trezor iOS app, with total losses estimated at $ 1.6 million.

Trezor also warned users of the Google Play Store about duplicate fake apps.

Apple and Trezor did not immediately respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment.

Source: CoinTelegraph