A platform that paves the way for creating crypto token funds added deposits and withdrawals at Tether. This gives more flexibility to investors looking to emulate the strategies of successful traders.

With Tokenbox, people interested in participating in the crypto market can buy shares in funds curated by crypto professionals. While some opportunities focus on major digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), others are more weighted towards Altcoins. The team notes that complete and transparent information is provided about the performance of each fund.

Adding deposits and withdrawals Tether (USDT) is important because it increases cryptocurrencies that can be used to top up the account. If you are looking for a driveway, you can also use your bank card if you wish.

Tokenbox Busy 2020
According to Tokenbox, there are several other developments that need to be reported. One of them is that the trading volume of its TBX tokens has now exceeded $ 500,000 as part of the Uniswap decentralized exchange protocol, which is currently developing a liquidity pool. The goal is to ensure the long-term success of TBX tokens. The team added: “The release of the Tokenbox platform with continuous wallet service laid a solid foundation for further product development and organic growth in the use and benefits of TBX Token.”

Elsewhere, the platform can now be accessed via the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) – a protocol intended to make the web “faster, safer, and open”.

It was also announced that Tokenbox had joined the Startup with IBM program and had won a grant of over $ 120,000. Thanks to its gigantic technology initiative, the company can leverage 130 services in IBM Cloud, ranging from analytics and security to artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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How TBX tokens work
The Tokenbox team recently released a step-by-step guide explaining how TBX tokens work and what they are used for. Those who own crypto assets benefit from reduced trading fees and also act as a digital license for traders who manage a portfolio.

The company explains, “Once your portfolio is created, you must keep 1% TBX of your total assets in your portfolio. Otherwise, the portfolio will not be able to accept new investments and it will also be hidden in the market.”

Connecting traders and investors
In the fast-paced – and often complex world of cryptography – investors often look for accessible ways to plunge into digital assets. Since Bitcoin and Ether recently started a new bullish phase, there has been a lot of renewed interest.

Meanwhile, traders with a proven track record often struggle to build their profiles – and if they want to create a crypto fund that investors can follow, they often have to create their own platform at a high cost.

Tokenbox solves the challenges faced by investors and traders in one fell swoop. Investors can access a variety of crypto funds in one place and buy stocks with a few clicks. Even better, merchants can create their own wallet in minutes – Tokenbox takes care of the marketing, legal requirements, and KYC reviews that their customers have to go through.

Alexander Muradov, a professional trader who manages two trading portfolios on the Tokenbox platform, says crypto funds with tokens can help remove the trading emotion of novice investors so they can trust the expertise and logic of seasoned experts.

Source: CoinTelegraph