In a lively and sometimes offensive blog post published today, IOTA founder David Sønstebo seeks to “assuage any concerns” about the state of mind, reassure the public that “if [the IOTA Foundation] is not broken”, and proposes future plans for the ecosystem. Born in association with “Investors, Individual DLT Project Managers, Community Developers and Others.”

As Cointelegraph previously reported, the IOTA Board of Directors announced in an announcement on December 11 that Sønstebø was expelled from the organization after a “unanimous” vote of the board. Sønstebø has been the co-chair of the foundation since 2017.

Sønstebyo’s blog post aims to remove any ambiguity about the IOTA announcement, which it described as “unprofessional, paranoid, and unprofessional, leaving plenty of room for violent speculation.” However, his post may raise more questions than answers.

The founder clarifies, in his opinion, that the dispute between him and IOTA was not the result of a “conflict between the interests and interests of the organization”, and that he considers this characterization “clearly false, with dubious and defamatory motives.” . ”

However, later in his letter, he described two controversies that [[provided] an environment conducive to the latest drama at the party, “including when his internal campaign to appoint a CEO was canceled by the IOTA board of directors, as well as a disagreement over the ownership of several Future IOTA ecosystem projects, including “Managing Profitable Committees in IOTA Smart Contracts, Oracle as a Service and Decentralized Infrastructure as a Service.”

Sonstebø said that “the board started to panic over their negligence in funding the IF,” and then demanded that these projects “provide an ever-growing runway” from the IOTA ecosystem, which is already growing. Sønstebø says it “refused” the board to take responsibility for these projects And potential future revenue streams, and this disagreement is suggested as the cause of the split.

“That’s it,” my divergent interests, “he said.
Sønstebø then personally approached several of the board members and asked one of them to stop calling himself a co-founder, to wear the other’s clothing to “ask” tokens and not to attend meetings, and to invite one of them to “drink wine and play chess at any time. …”

More details about my plans for IOTA will appear early next year. do not worry. And I will continue to work with IOTA with foundation members, community members, and external partners. ”This is not the end point. The last sentence of the last chapter; It’s just a comma. “

Source: CoinTelegraph