INX, the global trading platform for digital assets, is expanding its current IPO with worldwide IPOs.

In an attempt to increase the listing’s liquidity by $ 117 million, INX has applied to the Canadian stock exchange to disclose the security token. The entry application must be approved by CSE in accordance with the INX announcement on 30 October.

According to INX, the company plans to list INX tokens on several other global exchanges, but CSE will be the first. A spokesman for INX said: “This will provide greater access to capital and liquidity on a global scale, affecting the old way capital on global stock exchanges is.”

CSE CEO Richard Carleton said the exchange is working hard to create a list of new solutions that “serve the digital and rapidly changing environment in the capital markets”. He also said:

“Digital securities represent a logical development of how investment instruments are created, issued and traded in a regulated market.”
INX is now in the middle of a first IPO, the first of its kind approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. A spokesman for INX told Cointelegraph that the company was also the first to receive SEC approval to offer its token to institutional and individual investors. “INX is offered to global investors according to the rules of each region,” the spokesman said.

Since INX expects to complete the first IPO by the end of 2020, the $ 117 million target could be problematic for the company. Following its launch in late August 2020, INX raised “more than $ 10 million” as of October 27. Shay Datika, co-founder and president of INX, said that INX has “tens of millions of dollars in agreements with many institutional investors …”

INX accepts major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) for an IPO from 10 September.

Source: CoinTelegraph