While the lure of making big money investing in cryptocurrencies has caught the attention of many, it has often been overshadowed by the inherent risk associated with the industry. While many have become millionaires overnight, the digital currency ecosystem has its own complexities, leading users to ask questions, including which currencies to buy, how to easily store and manage these assets, and how to optimize a wallet for slow and steady value creation, The same goes for those planning to retire.

With so many potential long-term rewards at stake, investors are encouraged not to escape the world of cryptocurrency, but instead to see how they can manage these assets.

For this reason, one of the main disadvantages that cryptocurrency investors have noticed is that these assets are not available on traditional financial websites, and it can take several steps before they feel the process. As a result, the launch of new platforms such as StableHouse opens doors for anyone who can take advantage of the dreaded world of cryptocurrency. The team developed a solution tailored to the user’s needs, thanks to which the use of cryptocurrency became a simple and secure process with high interest rates.

Ahead of the launch, StableHouse Partnership and Development Manager Sunil Chauhan articulated his mission by saying:

“The bridge between traditional finance and cryptocurrency is closing every day. We see an intersection between activity, a seamless exchange between the two areas with the ultimate goal of transforming everything into a large financial industry. What we want to do is let users manage their finances wealth as they would with a traditional bank account. StableHouse is included to allow users to do just that. ”

The Bermuda-based company is run by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) and strives to provide maximum value to aspiring and experienced professionals.

simplify earnings
At its core, StableHouse is a platform that connects the anonymous world of cryptocurrencies with a common user interface for traditional interfaces. The team works with a number of reliable partners who borrow assets deposited by users, in the same way as a bank does business, and makes payments at interest. Partners will act as your bank, looking for strategic investment opportunities that will pay off by transferring the revenue to those who keep their money on the platform.

While StableHouse offers some knowledge of traditional banking, users can also expect much higher returns than they would otherwise.

At the moment, users can expect a welcome offer of 12%; This rate can be applied to fiat-based stablecoin deposits of up to $ 100,000. For those who deposit Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), users can earn a modest 6% annually.

When it’s time to make a profit, new crypto investors do not understand how their operations work either. StableHouse has taken this process into account when developing the user interface, which makes it easy to withdraw money to a bank account or cryptocurrency wallet with a single button. Interest continues to accrue and is paid from last week, and is credited directly to the user’s StableHouse account.

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StableHouse operates with a focus on user security and facilitates support from XBTO, a leading cryptocurrency fund known for its ability to provide stock exchanges with institutional liquidity. This strategic relationship ensures that the team can deliver a platform with the rich functionality and safety and compliance standards that consumers expect today.

Future growth prospects
StableHouse works with a plan with high throughput and simple interface, and has a solid support that will utilize it to drive future growth. The team is currently supported by Coinbase Ventures, DragonFly Capital and Liberty City Ventures.

With the Commerce and Livelihoods app available, their plans include marketing new product lines in new geographies outside Europe in the near future, while not deviating from their mission to make economic growth easier for everyone.

Source: CoinTelegraph