Cointelegraph follows the development of a completely new blockchain from the ground up to the main network and beyond in the In the Mind of the Blockchain Developer series written by Andrew Levin from Koinos Group.

Scalability is a popular topic in the blockchain, but few explain what we mean by this term. When we talk about expanding the Koinos series, we mean expanding the masses. Build a blockchain that everyone on earth can use. This means that the blockchain network must be able to support this load level, which is usually what is meant when talking about scalability.

User experience is important
But what they are talking about much less is the obvious result that you should have a user experience that everyone on earth can enjoy. A terrible user experience is infinitely scalable because there is no need for a bad user experience and the underlying network resources needed to deliver it.

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This is evidenced by the fact that when most projects talk about scaling, they are talking about technical applications such as hashing, proof of history or layer 2, which are the solutions that Ethereum uses to solve scaling problems.

These projects respond to the limitations of Ethereum scaling by trying to integrate these scaling solutions faster, but fail to realize that these solutions only make sense in the context of Ethereum, not only the first global blockchain, but also the most adopted among developers. Hello.

Ethereum: Major
When Ethereum was released, it first gave developers the ability to develop apps on a common blockchain platform using a programming language very similar to what they already used to build apps; Turing complete programming language. Compared to the experience of developing applications on other blockchains, building on Ethereum was a quantum leap that made it faster, easier and cheaper to build decentralized applications. Thanks to the unique user experience, the use of Ethereum has grown at a high speed. The demand for Ethereum resources exceeded the supply, which led to an increase in gas demand and a corresponding increase in prices, which made all Ether (ETH) holders very happy.

Ethereum developers and stakeholders are reluctant to cancel or even necessarily reduce fees. This will be similar to the oil producers’ desire to lower the oil price. If there is an increased demand for their network resources, they are not interested in creating a better user experience, they are interested in increasing the offer (expansion) while maintaining the existing user experience.

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But this is Ethereum! 900 lb gorilla blockchain for general use with first mover advantage, incredible developer adoption and incredible capital investment. It is a successful platform and the expansion plans are perfect for Ethereum. But it does not make sense for platforms that developers do not use or support.

This is why we see many projects that make such a time consuming and risky effort as bridging Ethereum in an attempt to suck users out of Ethereum to generate the growth needed to justify their expansion decisions!

Inference by analogy
But this is classical thinking in analogy, as opposed to thinking from first principles; Make decisions based on what others do, instead of focusing on the problem you want to solve and the most effective way to develop a solution based on basic facts. To think that the way new blockchain values ​​are hashed because hash is Ethereum’s way of scaling is a good example of an analogous conclusion.

At Koinos Group, we tackle this problem from the bottom up. Scaling up to the masses is not about incorporating some magical technique that drives everyone and their mothers overnight. No technology platform ever goes from zero users to mass adoption overnight. Every platform or product that has become mainstream has only achieved this through exponential growth. I will repeat it. Each product or platform achieves mainstream adoption through exponential growth.

This means that it does not matter how many users or how many transactions your platform or suite of apps can process in day one. It actually does not matter.

Most importantly, your product should have a unique value proposition that will attract a small number of early users, even if the costs are relatively high.

Source: CoinTelegraph