Exordium, the publisher of the upcoming sci-fi strategy game Infinite Fleet, has announced the public safety token, or STO, which will be listed on the STOKR platform from 18 January.

The $ 8 million fundraising sale for the long-running MMO (or massively multiplayer online game) comes with a $ 1 million investment from Tether International, the issuer of the world’s largest stack coin, Tether (USDT).

The public sector of STO will have a strict ceiling of $ 1 million and will be limited to some European countries. This will include most EU countries, with notable exceptions for Germany and Belgium, due to regulatory constraints.

However, unlike most pre-sales that aim to raise money for future games, members will receive shares in the game’s publisher and a share of future profits. The security tokens in this $ 8 million increase will actually account for 20% of Exordium’s revenue.

Hope Fan, Pixelmatics CMO, developer of Infinite Fleet, told Cointelegraph why Exordium chose the STO route instead of pre-token sales or NFT:

“We try to build a sustainable business with a long-term horizon, at the same time as we stimulate the introduction of cryptocurrency for both the gaming market and the capital markets. Sales of utility brands also often fall into a gray regulatory area, and therefore we want to avoid this. With STO and general registration, we can offer shares to an ordinary person who supports the project, which is great. ”
Investors will be able to invest the equivalent of $ 100 in the purchase of EXOeus security tokens, which are shares in the parent company Exordium, in a number of currencies, including the euro, bitcoin (BTC) and Tether.

The STOKR model democratizes public access to venture capital projects and integrates the Blockstream AMP platform into the Bitcoin side chain for issuing security tokens. Tether CTO Paulo Arduino explained the company’s interest in the blockchain gaming market:

“As a former MMORPG developer, I see great potential in the implementation of cryptoassets for massive multiplayer games. It is the perfect blend of two fast-growing digital sectors with enormous heights. ”
Infinite Fleet first announced its intention to raise capital by selling shares in STOKR in April 2020, although Samson Mow-helmed raised $ 3.1 million as part of a private STO fundraising tour on the alternative platform BnkToTheFuture in August. 2020.

Source: CoinTelegraph