Hass McCook, a member of the Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC), told Cointelegraph that immersive cooling technology could help move towards zero emission Bitcoin (BTC) mining.

McCook, better known online as Friar Hass, believes the industry is on track to meet its 2030 target.

Bulk cooling involves immersing the Bitcoin mining ASIC in a special refrigerant that absorbs heat and recovers it from the data center. This method of mining bitcoin increases productivity.

Earlier this month, bitcoin mining company Riot Blockchain announced that it will develop a 200-megawatt immersion-cooled bitcoin mining infrastructure at the Whinstone facility. Based on initial immersion cooling test results, the company expects a 25% increase in hash rate and up to 50% increase in ASIC performance.

On Friday, co-host of the podcast Around the Coin Brian Rommele posted a photo of a sunken bitcoin mining rig, stating that “immersing bitcoin miners in liquid reduces heat and noise by 95% and we can recover up to 40% of their heat. and convert it into energy.

“By 2024, Bitcoin will be 100% green,” he added, “no other system will be more green.”

While McCook agrees that Bitcoin could become carbon neutral, he is less optimistic about the time frame.

“I think emissions will be zero by 2030, but I think 2024 will be a little ambitious,” he said. “And I think that integrated refrigeration technologies can be part of the greener transition.”

“So when it comes to sustainability, you get longevity and you don’t have to produce a lot of these things,” he added.

Flood cooling can reduce the need to replace equipment and reduce the amount of energy required to cool down rigs when mining bitcoin. McCook said that while it reduces the environmental impact of mining, it makes it an attractive way for miners.

“The move to green bitcoin mining will not happen for environmental reasons. It will be associated with a reduction in the cost base for miners in order to increase profits. ”
He added that the main game is whether miners are using sustainable energy sources.

“The harsh reality is that when you plug your devices into the wall, you get what’s on the other side of the outlet,” McCook said.

“In fact, for Bitcoin to be truly emission-free, the backing network must be emission-free.”

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Bitcoin is approaching a sustainable future. According to recent findings from the Bitcoin Mining Board, North American study participants use electricity with a sustainable energy balance of 65.9%.

“Based on this data, it is estimated that the sustainable composition of electricity in the global mining industry grew to about 57.7% in the third quarter of 2021, which is 3% more than in the second quarter of 2021, making it one of the most sustainable industries. in the world. … “, wrote BMC.

“This quarter, we have seen dramatic increases in energy efficiency and sustainability in bitcoin mining thanks to advances in semiconductor technology, rapid expansion of mining in North America, the collapse of China, and the global transition to sustainable energy and modern mining technologies,” Michael said. Sailor, CEO of MicroStrategy. … “

Source: CoinTelegraph