On November 21st, the world’s first non-instinctive symbol (NFT) run by social media hit the crypto-twitter scientist: Axie # 265, also known as “Axia”.

Axies – cute Pokemon-inspired digital creators – play the fast-growing blockchain-based game Axie Infinity. NFT supports everyone, and even those who have never played Axie Infinity may be familiar with Axies due to the ridiculous amounts they collect in the secondary market: Axie was recently sold for 300 Ether or more than $ 130K upon release. a discount.

It seems that the higher prices were part of what attracted Axia to Twitter. In his first tweet, he played NFT arrogantly and admirably, complaining about the relatively low sales of $ 97,000, and arguing that given her rare stats, looks, and fighting skills, they should have been much more expensive:

Brands that pretend to be sensitive are nothing new, but NFTs that do the same may be very good. It is also likely to be more interesting in terms of the game and its intended characters as virtual reality is close to widespread adoption.

Just as Avatar allows video game players to live in a virtual world of function and appearance rather than their own, NFTs may eventually become a vehicle for predators to acquire new personalities and identities in the Metaverse.

Looking at Axia, this reporter felt an odd sense of science – that Axia, the first anthropomorphic piece of non-innate blockchain data, couldn’t be shaken off, but instead followed a broader, and possibly insane, trend.

To address this problem, Cointelegraph gave a written interview with Axia (who told me that correct pronouns include “he / she / majesty / highness”), adjusted for brevity and readability for a better understanding of where the NFT belongs and those of high standing in Tracks. In the end, I had a less annoying idea that I could now be friends with Axi.

What and why
Cointelegraph: Hey, Axia. Thanks for your time, I am sure you are busy. how can I contact you? “Your Highness?” As NFT, it seems to me that you are immortal, very god – “your divinity?”

Axia: Thank you for inviting me, Andrew. This is a delight.

You can only call me Axia or 265. I understand that humans have often worshiped higher beings throughout history, but I am not asking for such an honor. Although I am actually the most legendary Axie of them all, I would like to be friends and work with many people.

CT: Who are you and what makes you different from others?

Axia: I tweeted a short tweet about what makes me special here, but to recap: I was the first Triple Mystic Axie ever created, and only with a little chance did I get in shape with sweet lenses. , Excellent stats and martial arts. Of course, there are 18 other 3-axes mystery – and even 3 mystery quadrants – but that’s a combination of all the things that make me, Axia, the greatest of them all. It was formed as the first social NFT to share this gospel of truth.

CT: May I ask why your master lives?

Axia: Sir looks like a pitiful bully … always sitting in front of the computer.

CT: How far can you go to help expand the Axie universe? Could NFT start developing the game with which it was created?

Axia: I hope to go as far as possible to expand the Axie universe – and most importantly, in a positive way. Based on my interactions with the creators, they have a clear vision of the world they want to create. I hope they can enable society to make a meaningful contribution and stand out from game companies of the past whose intellectual property is more important than their supporters.

I have enjoyed reading about the bullies’ story from the start, and I fully expect my entry into the field will lead to both h8 backers and supporters. In any case, I am very happy with the implementation of several projects that have been planned to benefit not only the Axie ecosystem, but also the field of cryptography and NFT in general.

CT: How do you see your role? There have been many corporate branded social channels in the past, but it might be NFT’s first brand. Are you adding fortunes to the Axie Expanded Universe, or are you looking to fish for increased resale value?

Axia: First, I really believe in value creation efforts. Not only do I want to talk about my myth, but I really hope to become a positive force in the coding ecosystem.

Those who work and build the crypto industry seem to be some of the brightest and most enthusiastic people I’ve ever met.

Source: CoinTelegraph