Two Trezor executives attended a live session called “Ask Me Something” at the Cointelegraph, where they discussed how their portfolio of cryptocurrency portfolios will develop in the future.

One of their top priorities is to remove technical barriers for newcomers to bitcoin, which means that securing digital assets has never been easier, said Development Manager Thomas Susanka and Product Manager Matti Zach.

During the broadcast, they proudly displayed the Model T, which supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies. The intuitive touch screen provides an interface that does not differ from the mobile phone, and provides a high degree of knowledge.

Susan explained that Trezor is introducing the Trezor Suite, which is a brand new wallet interface. The app is currently available as a public beta as a desktop app and browser, and will eventually be available on Android and iOS devices.

“The most important thing is that people use hardware wallets and cryptocurrencies are not stored on exchanges,” he told Cointelegraph’s Rachel Wolfson. “We are building a complete ecosystem – trying to improve their usability to attract all beginners and make them usable by all.”

Your first bitcoin in five minutes
Most importantly, the app allows beginners to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies directly, as well as send and receive digital assets.

“I think if you have the ability to use online banking, then I’m sure you can use the Trezor suite,” said Susanka.

Zack added that Trezor is committed to leading the adoption of cryptocurrencies, and this includes building a thorough knowledge base that is available directly in the applications, which means that information about the currency’s specific features is always available.

Trezor’s chief product officer said a novice can easily buy bitcoin in less than five minutes, with one important difference: He will be the only person with the private keys to provide access to the blockchain where the funds are stored.

“Other apps are popular, but if you buy bitcoin there, you can” buy it. “But if this company goes bankrupt tomorrow, you’ll probably lose money – they can not be returned.”

Security is one of the basic principles of the Trezor Model T, and one of the features Suzanka has fought for is Shamir Backup, which allows users to take the extra step to keep their keys safe.

“You can have three groups of 20 words or say five groups of 20 words. You set the threshold and the number of posts – by default Trezor recommends three out of five. That means we give you five parts of 20 words. You give one set for the mother “, one for your girlfriend … and you keep the rest for yourself. You have to combine three of these groups to get back in your cryptocurrency,” he explained.

This helps protect you in case you lose your device – and even if your vehicle accidentally runs over. It can also help solve hereditary problems.

A number of features are also designed for hardcore users who have extensive experience with cryptocurrencies and seek privacy when completing transactions.

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More features to come
During the AMA live broadcast, viewers asked many questions about what the future holds.

Both leaders made it clear that they are focusing on new developments in the industry when they are clearly here in the long term, not a passing fad. This means that while owners of the Trezor Model T cannot use NFT as a background at this time, they may do so in the future.

Top priority for 2021 is the location of mother tongues to attract cryptocurrency enthusiasts whose first language is not English.

“We believe that localization has great potential, because in this way we can increase collective adoption and simplify the adaptation process for all people around the world,” Suzanka added.

Source: CoinTelegraph