The coronavirus pandemic has rocked business life, rekindled entrepreneurship in thousands of hearts. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal claimed that new corporate orders in the United States grew at the fastest pace since 2007.

But the cryptocurrency company says that aspiring business owners face a big challenge: current solutions to implement their ideas are slow, expensive, and centralized. Ideology aims to bring everything a beginner needs under one roof – and the organization has an ambitious goal of reaching 100,000 people this year.

How does it work
It all starts when someone realizes that they have a good idea. The challenge now is to get the support you need and build a team that can make the dream come true. does this by enabling entrepreneurs to find ideal employees and even find a partner who shares their goals.

The creative marketplace dedicated to ideology also provides important services such as code, templates, and tutorials. This thriving part of the ecosystem also encourages collaboration with other members of society. What’s more, entrepreneurs also have the option to apply for crowdfunding by adding their ideas to investor groups.

Users do not need to have their own business idea to participate. As freelance work is evolving from developmental activity to a popular way of earning money, this ideology gives talented people the opportunity to apply for part-time jobs in many development projects. It’s important to note that this site offers much fairer terms of employment than competing platforms, which means that they end up making more money that they make.

The ERC-20 code called IDEA is an integral part of this proposal. In addition to being a means of paying for goods and services sold through this community, it also opens up opportunities for tax deductions and the ability to vote on crowdfunding projects that should be supported next time. The enterprise blockchain platform also provides a secure crypto wallet in which these tokens can be safely stored.

More about ideology here
IDEA is listed on this month and Ideaology co-founder and CEO Khaled Al-Kalbani says this is an important step. He added: “With the active IDEA platform entering Ideology in its final stages of development, we believe that requiring IDEA to be listed on one of the world’s leading exchanges in terms of popularity and traffic volume is our best strategy for IEOs. As a modern and innovative exchange, we believe bitcoin .com can provide the marketing opportunities IDEA needs to go beyond its current estimated number of potential users.

The best environment for the self-employed
The concert economy was a major trend even before the coronavirus pandemic, and the data shows that one in three Americans are already freelancing worldwide, which means there is ample opportunity for strong bonds between companies and skilled workers.

The problem that Ideaology hopes to solve relates to the experience of using conventional sites like Upwork and Fiverr. The company says it has received reports of self-employed people struggling to demonstrate all of their skills – in part due to lack of space on their personal files. In some cases, startups can also be careful because some of these accounts are not verified.

The ideology comes from the United Arab Emirates and now has a team of 20 people from all over the world. The company is proud to have built the model it sells now – with employees working overseas.

The second round of the first IDEA token exchange proposal will begin on January 26, 2021 and will last 10 days.

Source: CoinTelegraph