Warren Buffett said, “History teaches us that people don’t learn from history.” Crypto traders can change that.

Before we get into the details of how one simple rule generated the headline crazy return on investment during one of the worst crypto winters in recent history, let’s get one thing clear.

You cannot copy now.

But anyone with access to Cointelegraph Markets Pro in 2022 can. It’s not just a proven strategy. This is a real strategy, but you will soon see historical results.

This is no longer a thought experiment or proof of concept; this is a real way to make money in crypto trading.

For our purposes, it’s a great way to demonstrate how a simple strategy can work for real traders in real life – even during extreme market downturns.

So let’s dig deeper. What can you do with this algorithm today, right now?

What does “buy 85, sell 80” mean?
Here is the basic premise. Cointelegraph Markets Pro, in partnership with data firm The Tie, developed the VORTECS™ score, which algorithmically determines how bullish or bearish the current trading conditions are for a given crypto asset.

The valuation is based on historical data and essentially scans the entire history of the coin or token looking for conditions similar to what it is currently seeing.

It looks for many similarities and differences such as trading volume, recent price movements, social sentiment, and even the number of tweets about this asset.

If it finds a similarity, then it sees what it is. Did the asset rise or fall? How consistent was this move? How significant was the rise or fall?

Markets Pro combines all these data points to create a VORTECS™ score, which is a dynamic and ever-changing estimate of current trading conditions for each supported asset. The higher the score, the more optimistic the prediction and the more reliable the algorithm.

Conversely, a very low valuation is bearish (with the same confidence). A neutral score of 50 means that the algorithm does not see a significant relationship between current conditions and past price movements.

The Markets Pro platform offers traders a set of strategies.

The “buy 85, sell 80” strategy means that a trader can buy an asset that exceeds 85 points, which is considered highly bullish. And then “sell” the asset as soon as it drops below 80 points.

Of course, this happens live on the stock market. Or a trader could simply “paper trade” the asset to test the algorithm.

For example, if Solana’s SOL breaks 85 and becomes the only asset with such a high value, a trader can invest a percentage of their current portfolio in SOL. However, if Binance’s BNB also exceeds 85, the trader can set aside a different percentage of his portfolio for BNB. Or not. The choice is theirs.

So why is it important to know this?
The point here is to evaluate whether the VORTECS™ algorithm is doing its job well.

When he sees bullish conditions, is he more likely to be right than wrong? When valuation goes up, do prices usually go up? Obviously yes.

Just one of the buy 85, sell 80 strategies. There are other strategies that are delivering great ROI in 2022.

For example, “Buy 90, Sell 85”. In 2022, this option will grow by +96.89%. Even more powerful strategies include:

Buy 90, Sell 90 | +159,15%

Buy 85, Sell 75 | +102.65%

Actually, bitcoin

tick Tock

-65% back and Ether since early 2022

tick Tock
1118 dollars

VORTECS™-based strategies averaged +81.50% overall, outpacing BTC and ETH, respectively.

This indicates that VORTECS™ is working properly. Overall, over time this proves that the historical trading conditions of a digital asset can be a useful indicator of the current status of that asset.

In other words, a high VORTECS™ score has a proven correlation with price increases. Not in all situations, not for every entity… but overall the results for 2022 are convincing.

Warren Buffett (perhaps quoting Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel) once said, “We learn from history what people do not learn from history.”

(As a crypto skeptic, he may want to reconsider his position.)

That’s the VORTECS™ Score. We learn from history. This is why a real profit of 176.31% is important in the midst of one of the worst crypto winters in the history of the market.

This tells us we’re looking at the right story.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro is available exclusively to members for $99 per month with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer you access to the world’s only crypto-analytical platform that can provide you with the same real-time trading alerts as institutions and hedge funds… Before this information

Source: CoinTelegraph