Hodling is indeed the right way to go when it comes to hoarding bitcoins (BTC). At least that’s what a commercial artificial intelligence (AI) robot coded by a Portuguese developer thinks so.

Bitcoiner Thiago Vasconcelos is the man behind the trading experience. Vasconcelos has created an artificial intelligence trading bot to help him collect more bitcoins and test his programming skills. Almost unthinkable, but instead of trading, the bot quickly came to the conclusion that the best way to trade bitcoins is to buy them and keep them.

Vasconcelos is the main founder of Aceita Bitcoin, a Portuguese organization that promotes the adoption, education and exchange of information about Bitcoin. As a bitcoin enthusiast, he is also involved in bitcoin side projects.

He told Cointelegraph, “It was an AI-enhancing learning experience where I went and got a truckload of historical data from BTC/USDT.” The code loaded and deleted the daily price action from 2014 to 2021.

So, “Vasconcelos taught him, or [the robot] told him the rules, here are the lights, you can either buy or sell or do nothing.”

For each profitable trade, the robot is awarded 1 point. The penalty loses 1 point as a “penalty” for losing trades. Finally, the bot is given a reward for the total amount of bitcoins the bot receives:

“The goal is for the robot to score the highest possible score, and the exercise is that it makes thousands/millions of tries on that dataset and creates a ‘mental’ path that determines when is the best time to buy, when is the best time to buy” . sell, etc.”

Screenshots of “Knowing Small Deals Work Better!”
The great thing about AI is that the robot is starting to notice “patterns” and what Vasconcelos describes as “movements” that the robot is making to maximize the degree of circulation.

“Finally, the penalty concludes that it is best to buy as soon as possible and never sell!”
That’s it, now it’s not only the famous modern day bosses and even the banks in the bitcoin room who are screaming “Hodl”. Even robots are scammers.

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Hodl is a popular meme in the bitcoin space that originated from a post on the Bitcointalk forum in 2013 by a full member with the error. The reason why the original GameKyuubi commentator chose to trade with him is because “I’m a bad dealer and I know I’m a bad dealer.

Turns out he’s probably been as smart as the AI ​​all along.

Source: CoinTelegraph