For many years, advocates of cryptocurrencies have been promoting the ability of digital money and whip technology to change the world. However, with the passage of each market cycle, new projects will emerge, and the promised benefits of these “real use case” projects will not be fulfilled.

While most brands promise to solve real-world problems, only a handful of people do, and the rest are just speculative investments.

There are three things that a cryptocurrency investor can do with a coin.

Even the simplest use case for cryptocurrencies is likely to be one of the oldest monetary applications in finance.

Since the introduction of the Deferred Finance (DeFi) business in 2020, there has been an increase in the chance that cryptocurrency traders will be rewarded.

Blue chip DeFi, such as Aave, Maker, and Compound, offer the right product for a fixed fee, while lesser-known deals always offer higher rewards for attracting mobility.

Recently, the crypto lending industry has expanded to a traditional financial dominated area. This is especially true for real estate, where a number of experiments are advancing a mortgage and marketing platform based on cryptocurrencies.

Platforms such as Vesta Equity and the newly launched offer password holders the option of mortgaging property or lending money to home buyers in exchange for a long-term product.

Sustainable agriculture
Another way to use a button bag is to farm a stable farm. The cryptocurrency market is known for its high volatility and high-risk trading, but it is a safe way to increase financing without taking the risk of investing in bitcoin (BTC) and gold coins, which are known for high volatility.

In the bull and bear market, mobility is required for the normal operation of the DeFi agreement, and the combination of fixed currency in centralized and dispersed exchanges has helped the market to mature and remain in liquid state.

Platforms such as Curve Finance, Beefy Finance and Trader Joe’s offer products in a fixed-rate liquid pool, with interest rates up to 20%.

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Non-Profit Symbol Gifts
Another way to “use” cryptocurrencies is to participate in harmless token gifts implemented in the ecosystem.

Polkadot and Kusama’s powder auction is an example of a non-profit. When such an agreement is implemented, investors interested in supporting the project will lock the DOT or KSM for a certain period of time and support the project in a guaranteed manner.

Contributors will receive a local token of the newly implemented agreement in exchange for locking the project’s intellectual property investment. Upon expiration of the specified lock period, the total amount of the token will be returned to the contributor, i.e. they will retain their original share, while at the same time adding new assets to their investment.

Lockdrops is another example of this kind of loss. One was recently hired during the announcement of the Astronomy and Mars Agreement.

Lockdrops are also known as air conditioners because they don’t technically help fundraise for projects, but they do have some promise from future recipients of their future use. While the air conditioner is only issued to selected users, the unlock requires that the interested parties promise to lock in some of the fluid used during the initial launch of the project.

The release of Astroport includes a moving phase of a new novel, in which contributors can switch to a higher reward level to provide a pair of flowing pools. Once locked, participants receive a one-time lock reward for their retention, trading, or usability.

Fluid suppliers also receive trade and other benefits based on their portable pool as a way to increase the opportunity cost of supplying that circulation.

Once the agreed lockout expires, users will be released.

No loss-making gift will give long-term password holders the opportunity to find a mark on a newly launched contract in exchange for a product and choose which label they want to collect.

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