On Friday, blockchain platform Harmony, whose mainnet runs on the Ethereum network and claims to have two-second transaction detection and fees 1,000 times lower than Ethereum, announced the launch of the Bored Ape Yacht Club Passport. Passport allows users to import proof of their monkeys to DeFi Kingdoms, a profitable game built on the Harmony blockchain with over 120,000 monthly active users. In the initial stages, Ape holders will be able to verify and display their assets in-game across multiple blockchains when connecting a MetaMask wallet to DeFi Kingdoms.

The slow launch of on-chain technologies means that money could be at risk in building cross-chain bridges, as demonstrated by the biggest decentralized finance hack this year. However, as the developers mentioned, Harmony’s Passport does not transfer assets; Instead, it confirms ownership of multiple blockchains, guaranteeing its authenticity along the way. The Horizon Bridge currently supports interoperability between Harmony, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and three other chains.

Harmony team member Liu Chen explained:

“We wanted to provide all NFT holders with more benefits and opportunities to showcase their NFTs and participate in the Metaverse. Bored Ape Yacht Club Owners are the best choice. Cross-chain identity creates a secure and easy way to do this without putting their property at risk.”
Similarly, last month, Twitter launched its non-fungible token campaign to allow paid followers to view their NFT properties as profile pictures. However, the technical specifications of this feature are in the testing phase, as only Ethereum-based NFTs are suitable, and there is no support for cross-chain functions.

Source: CoinTelegraph