The DeFi community’s insatiable appetite for unverified code has once again ended in tears and millions of losses.

Eminence, an “incomplete economy of a multiplayer universe” built by Yearn Finance Andre ‘I test in Production’ Cronje, was discovered by DeFi investigators after a developer posted teasers for the project on Twitter. Then on September 28 he went to bed.

Tensions over the upcoming project quickly reached a fever with the FOMOing community totaling around $ 15 million in EMN protocol. However, the protocol was exploited and quickly intercepted … before the hacker imaginatively decided to transfer $ 8 million of funds into Cronje’s highly anticipated account when the developer woke up:

Note that he received “many threats”. Cronje announced that Yearn Treasury will help users pay the $ 8 million it earned from the hacker, according to EMN credits before the hack.

Crony stressed that neither Eminence nor the ecosystem contracts definitively and stressed that he had no plans to launch the project for at least another three weeks.

Cointelegraph will follow the story and update this article accordingly.

Source: CoinTelegraph