Bitcoin has become more and more popular in recent months, as it has grown to over $ 60,000. The Louisiana government in the United States recently passed a resolution to celebrate some of Bitcoin’s (BTC) achievements.

“So, we decided that the Louisiana House of Representatives expresses its gratitude to Satoshi Nakamoto for his contribution to financial security,” the actor reads. 33 delegates. Mark Wright. According to the The Hill article, the document was signed on Thursday.

The outcry against anonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto came after the document praised BTC for its success in terms of adoption and market value. The first lines of the judgment stated:

“To commend Bitcoin for its success in becoming the first trillion-dollar decentralized asset and to encourage state and local governments to think of ways to help them use this new technology on a larger scale.
Bitcoin’s market value exceeded $ 1 trillion in early 2021. The breakthrough came after the asset exceeded its full-time value in 2017, which was reached in late 2020.

The Louisiana White Paper describes a number of details about Bitcoin, including its decentralization and ubiquitous use. The decree even referred to the original as an alternative to gold. The document states that “Bitcoin, which can replace gold as a cash reserve, is limited and limited, and the maximum permitted production capacity is only 21 million bitcoins.”

Over the past year, a number of companies have acquired Bitcoin as an asset, which has increased awareness of it.

Source: CoinTelegraph