Goldman Sachs has provided the first Bitcoin- (BTC) -based loan in an important step in the way Wall Street authorities use passwords.

Goldman’s spokesman told Bloomberg that for the first time in Goldman Sachs’ history, the Transnational Investment Bank had borrowed money from a borrower-owned bitcoin. He said the structure was particularly interesting because of its structure and 24-hour risk management.

This type of loan allows the holder of the bitcoin to borrow money from the BTC to guarantee a bank to the child, such as the US dollar. The potential fluctuations in bitcoin could put these loans at risk – if the price of bitcoins goes too far, the borrower may be asked to increase collateral. Otherwise, they will be at risk of being identified.

Last month, Goldman was now working on his home digital asset team, and Michael Novogratz, a crypto investment firm, partnered with the business division of Galaxy Digital to launch the first cross-account cryptocurrency business.

Goldman is not alone in navigating digital assets, and Wall Street banks are also moving into the cryptocurrency space.

On Wednesday, the multi-trillion-dollar asset management company BlackRock announced the launch of the Blockchain Exchange Trading Fund (ETF). Earlier this month, the company also announced a $ 400 million fundraising campaign and a partnership with Circle, the main operator of the USDC (USDC) fixed currency.

Excessive encryption has played a key role in the fragmented financial world for some time now, but it has become another way for institutions and governments seeking to secure funding.

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Yesterday, the whip real estate platform partnered with Propy Abra to secure a home loan for its customers by securing a confidential deposit. On Wednesday, a new homeowner bought a house in Austin, Texas, via a platform called The deposit is confidential, the mortgage is not secured and the applicant’s credit score is based on it.

El Salvador is currently in the financial security phase of a volcanic bond. Bitcoin-backed government bonds will be used to raise $ 1 billion in bitcoin development and increase the country’s BTC stocks.

Source: CoinTelegraph