The Celsiusopoly board game retails for $99, and the US-based e-commerce company is offering free shipping to US citizens.

The crypto community is having a big day as it mocks a new Celsius-themed Monopoly board game called “Celsiusopoly” that has hit the US online trading marketplace.

The Celsius board game announcement was made by Stephanie Martin, head of sales and partnerships, who said the planning and production of the Monopoly spin-off was the result of “months and months” of hard work.

After months of back and forth work, refactoring, reconciliation, editing and importing files, etc., we finally got the finished product. #forwardup ​​#celsians

— Stephanie Martin (@stephusastrong) September 7, 2022
According to the marketplace website, the Celsiusopoly board game is on sale for $99, and some sales have reportedly already been made.

However, the board game’s untimely release has led the crypto community to ruthlessly ridicule the crypto-lender-themed product, with one Twitter user asking:

“Who would have thought that this would be a good idea…? They don’t respect all the people who died due to Celsius or are in dire financial straits.”
Meanwhile, others argue that the board game sale should be used to “make savers sane” and another user jokingly asked if the “go to jail” card would only apply to the Celsius CEO.

The board game Celsiusopoly has the Celsius logo in the center of the board with the words “Do good. Then do well” at the bottom, which appears to refer to a January 2021 tweet from Alex Mashinsky, founder and CEO of Celsius Network.

In addition to the Celsius themed game board, box, and money, the game also features themed rewards and percentages, ownership, customer service, compliance, credit and development cards, and an instruction manual and dice.

Images of the alleged board game are missing the Hasbro Gaming branding, suggesting that the game may not be the official Monopoly board game.

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Celsius is a cryptocurrency lending platform that officially filed for bankruptcy on July 13 due to a long-term liquidity crunch and a series of customer withdrawals.

The cryptocurrency lending platform recently applied to resume withdrawals for a minority of customers, requesting $50 million of the total $225 million held in a custodial program and holding accounts to be released to owners.

Although the new Celsius-themed Monopoly board game is free to US residents, unsatisfied customers are not returning it.

An attempt by a Cointelegraph journalist to buy the board game from the market was successful, suggesting it might be a real product that people could buy.

Source: CoinTelegraph