The ghost coin, a spell-protected private coin led by John McAfee, can be used at Hong Kong's Disneyland vending machines.

Ghost tweeted that it has teamed up with the ivendPay crypto payment system to distribute coins at more than 60 vending machines throughout Hong Kong, including Hong Kong's Disneyland.

The ghost said on Twitter: “When we first launched $ GHOST, our goal was to focus not only on #Privacy, but also on the true acceptance of users.”

Confidentiality and currency exchange began last week amid an ongoing dispute around him. Ghost Exchange Replacement Replace McAfee distributor in the process.

The controversial and eccentric McAfee has been criticized after parts of the hidden Limt White Paper from the PIVX White Paper were found. McAfee admitted that plagiarism was involved, but he still runs the risk of suing PIVX for defamation. PIVX also plans to launch Zcash's zc-SNARKS privacy protocol in the fourth quarter of this year.

Source: CoinTelegraph