Esports e-sports investment platform Bitkraft VC has created a $75 million token fund to invest in blockchain gaming and digital entertainment.

The fund uses a “phase neutral” strategy, which means that it will invest in companies and startups at all stages of business development. In addition to investing in stocks, the token fund will also invest in cryptocurrencies and non-perishable tokens (NFTs).

To provide a regulated investment opportunity, Bitkraft received investment advisor registration from the US Securities and Exchange Commission in June 2021.

The new token fund is led by Pierce Kix, founder of the investment arm of crypto research firm Delphi Digital. Kix joined Bitkraft earlier this year to lead the cryptocurrency investment and NFT activities.

Bitkraft reports that the fund has already closed six investments, including projects such as Yield Guild Games (YGG), Immutable, Alethea AI and Horizon Games. Kix told Cointelegraph that YGG and Alethea are both live icons. “We could only announce the funding after the last shutdown, but we used it actively,” he added.

Although the fund has primarily invested in startups built on the Ethereum blockchain, Kicks stated, “We are chain-neutral and evaluate each project on a case-by-case basis. We are starting to see a bit of excitement over Solana, and we will be keeping a close eye on the projects in the game.” At the beginning of this ecosystem.

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According to Jens Hilger, CEO of Bitkraft Ventures, the fund plans to invest in 25 more companies by the end of 2022. Since October 1, 2021, the venture capital assets with its portfolio have exceeded $540 million. to more than $540 million. 60 companies in North America, Europe and Asia.

The gaming industry is getting ready for cryptocurrency and there are many new uses for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFT. Blockchain game Axie Infinity has become one of the most popular Ethereum-based NFT games of the year, with its AXS token hitting a record high of over $155 on Monday. In September, blockchain manipulation platform DeFi Land raised $4.1 million to launch a new DeFi game on Solana.

Source: CoinTelegraph