Gone are the days when cryptocurrencies only consisted of regular tokens that were used to exchange value. Tokens are now the foundation of games, opening up new ways to use and earn. As both cryptocurrency and gaming become more interconnected, a massive adoption of the new “play to earn” concept is expected to follow. But along with the explosive growth, an astonishing number of new platforms have appeared, each of which has only complicated the gaming ecosystem and the crypto sphere as a whole.

For this reason, players usually join different platforms to maximize their chances of playing for profit, connect with other NFT enthusiasts, exchange cryptocurrencies, and sell their digital assets. Navigating these ecosystems can be a challenge for new users, which is why many people are skeptical about the process.

Thus, the natural evolution of diverse careers has since evolved into a coherent metaverse where players can live and experience a whole new life, complete with the demands of land, mining, collecting NFT and participating in a community of like-minded people.

The Cryptomeda ecosystem is one of the strongest that exploits these properties. Cryptomeda describes its platform as a “complete sci-fi ecosystem for NFT” with blockchain technology at its core. With the aim of revolutionizing the complex cryptocurrency trading market, Cryptomeda continues to focus on improving the end user experience by offering action packed games and carefully integrating multiple game winning opportunities into one comprehensive experience.

To make sure the experience is fun and easy, the turn-based sci-fi online game with PvP and PvE elements, Meda Wars, runs at the heart of the metaverse and turns the trading process into a Cryptomeda TECH currency game. Other features, including efforts and collectibles trading in the marketplace, are also integrated and made available through multiple mobile devices.

Spread via metaverse
The Metaverse is born with a single nation divided by internal conflicts and allows players to choose between two divisions, each represented by an original NFT map. Each card has specific abilities and stats that affect different functions in Empire and Conquest modes. For example, Empire mode allows trading cards to use their ability to boost the game’s economy, such as managing a guild or mining resources.

In comparison, Conquest mode allows players to use trading cards to earn rewards in a player versus environment (PvE) game. By drawing a line on the sand, players will come face-to-face with their enemies in a turn-based combat system where you will take out land battles. Of course, these modes evoke nostalgia for the revolutionary PC strategy games like Dune, Starcraft and C&C or Heroes and Might and Magic.

Collectible cards are available as NFTs for users to earn within the Cryptomeda ecosystem. Other options are available in Empire mode when purchasing a Virtual Land. Each stake serves as the basis for extracting resources, building and upgrading structures, and continuing to expand your base. Through this effort, players will prepare for an exciting battle against one of the many enemies in Meda Wars.

Players can participate in Meda Wars using a single melee and a long-range weapon with randomly generated attributes and abilities. The more rare your trading card is, the more benefits you get while playing and the easier it will be for you to sell or shop in their markets. Alternatively, players may choose to smelt weapons to obtain resources that can be used to craft stronger weapons, build new structures, or sell them to other users.

Supports the open economy
The Cryptomeda ecosystem has yet to establish itself as a promising venture with continued growth potential. The key to the continuity of this project is believed to be widespread support for an open economy where users can be entertained and rewarded.

With new releases including in-game NFTs, collaborative efforts with project partners like CryptoBlades, an upcoming virtual land sale, and ongoing support for storage and farming, gamers will have no shortage of opportunities to experience repeat crypto trading and more from the world of DeFi.

Source: CoinTelegraph