In the past, earning money from games was possible only by downloading online game videos, streaming game content, and participating in esports. But in 2021, many realized that with the help of blockchain, players could earn money just by playing.

This trend may continue until 2022 as play-for-profit (P2E) business models become more mature and blockchain adoption in esports becomes more popular. In a report published by gaming company Newzoo, the company expects P2E models to become more viable in 2022 as gaming companies attempt to use blockchain.

“Publishers can use blockchain technology to enable safer and more legitimate trading between players in a centralized gaming environment.”
In addition, the need to diversify revenue streams may lead sports organizations to resort to blockchain-based earning mechanisms using non-fungible tokens. For this reason, new esports business models that use blockchain technology are starting to emerge, and according to Newzoo, they will have more developments in 2022.

Furthermore, the report shows that metaverse-related games could become more prevalent as young gamers continue to make frequent use of existing “primitive” games such as Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft.

Newzoo also predicts that “the gold rush for the virtual property brand is just beginning.” As companies continue to see potential opportunities in metaverse games, investment in virtual real estate may be increased.

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Currently, the Pokemon-inspired Axie Infinity is still at the forefront of the blockchain gaming ecosystem. However, Cointelegraph experts have noted that games like DeFi Kingdoms, Crabada or Yield Hunt could replace Axie Infinity and take the lead in the blockchain gaming industry.

Meanwhile, in addition to gaming, the blockchain gaming community has also taken steps to help those in need by donating to charities. Back in 2021, the community raised $1.4 million for hurricane relief.

Source: CoinTelegraph