Cryptocurrency games have already changed the outlook for the industry, turning it from entertainment into a money-making opportunity. Unfortunately, a lot of the potential is still limited by the high barriers for new players. Among them is the alleged knowledge gap required to participate in the cryptocurrency industry, linked wallets, and navigate unknown platforms. On the other hand, the startup costs discouraged gamers who wanted to test the new game model.

As a result, a decentralized world designed for the general population is shifting towards a select group of people with a certain level of education and average income. Recent reports indicate that there is also a significant gender issue, as the majority of cryptocurrency investors are men. Therefore, for mass adoption, something must be done to level the playing field for the rest of the world.

Just as Robinhood made it easy for retail traders to invest, the Ethlas team was born with a mission to connect the next billion users with cryptocurrency. By building a single platform for casual games, Ethlas gives the world a chance to try games for free and earn money for the first time.

Ethlas is backed by several prominent partners, including Yield Guild Games (SEA), Infinity Ventures Crypto, Sequoia Capital India, CoinMarketCap and Coinbase executives. The project has since launched its first Komo NFT series, which launched on March 2, complete with comprehensive in-game tools ranging from generative art to revenue boosting and exclusive access to casual and combat games. The project itself is based on Polygon (MATIC) and currently has over 130,000 crypto wallet users worldwide, representing 3 million games since the end of January.

NFTs are sent for roaming
As the story goes, the gods in the Como 8337 NFT have sent a unique to the world of Atlas on a mission to find toys and find gems. Each Komo NFT is modeled after the Indonesian Komodo dragon and is designed for gamers and cryptocurrency users. NFTs can also be equipped with Elementary NFTs to unlock more exclusive skills, maps, and quests as new versions of the game are released.

Komo NFT serves as the pass for two exclusive Ethlas games. Komo Cup is a high stakes casual game that allows winners to win a prize pool of up to $10,000 by taking first place in a daily tournament. Shortly thereafter, Komo Klash was released, a turn-based combat strategy game that allows players to form their squads with 3 Komo and compete in different game modes to win a prize pool, the team says.

These NFTs come to life during the etching process. In practice, users must match the starting price of 30,000 XGEM, roughly $350 at press time, which can be earned directly through QuikSwap (QUICK) by switching MATIC. With funds on hand, parties should visit the official Ethlas website on the day of sealing. Players can participate in the open sale starting March 2.

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Early users get the added benefit of joining a whitelist of 2,000 sites. Once placed, players can unlock Komo NFTs early on at a reduced cost.

beat barriers
The Ethlas community currently has over 36,000 discord members, and this growing community is said to be the driving force behind the project’s efforts to turn it into a gaming platform. Over the next 12 months, players can look forward to more in-depth gameplay, including hosting tournaments and the opportunity to participate in award-winning matches hosted by influencers.

According to the project’s official roadmap, players can also expect an increase in game selection by integrating traditional games with the existing Ethlas crypto rewards platform.

Source: CoinTelegraph