Pokémon became popular because it allowed players to connect, Tamagotchi for its ability to take care of digital pets and CryptoKitties for its ability to monetize the blockchain. While Pokémon and Tamagotchi shaped the lives of children in the 90’s, many of them quickly left their web creatures when they grew up and took jobs. Later, CryptoKitties tries to solve the revenue problem by creating their digital kittens with a unique genetic code using the ERC-721 protocol (NFT).

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have created a new kind of revolution by allowing players and collectors to make real money by participating in the online community. Each asset was completely unique and ownership was guaranteed by the blockchain’s transparent nature. While CryptoKitties took it to the next level, the game remained consistent, leaving users with little more than png. or gif.

Krytomon grew up with a mission to breathe life into NFT by taking the best of Pokemon, Tamagotchi and CryptoKitties to take the next step in the development of crypto games using cutting-edge blockchain technology, digital genetics and localization technologies. Cryptomon is a unique digital creature associated with NFT and has a unique genetic code. Cryptomons take the NFT concept one step further, as creatures are alive and must be nurtured, fed, healed and trained to make them stronger.

Since then, Kryptomon has teamed up with Binance NFT, the official NFT trading venue for the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, to announce an exclusive sale of 2,000 Kryptomon eggs to Binance users only. The Kryptomon team sees this collaboration as a first step on the global stage, which brings the project to the attention of NFT players and brings society together.

eggs hatch
Before the trainers can enter the world of Kryptomons, they must obtain the egg. Currently, there are only 6,200 eggs in circulation, and 75,000 players are interested in participating, the cost depends on the number of KMON token holders. At present, the demand for these assets significantly replaces supply. This is where the exclusive Binance sale begins.

Users will now have a short 12-hour window to purchase private obscure funds on the Binance NFT Marketplace from 6 p.m. 12:00 UTC on November 8th. Each of the mystery chests will contain a Kryptomon egg, which sells for $ 95 billion, which seems fair. price. given that the resale value in the secondary markets is estimated by the team at $ 325 per egg (at the time of writing).

The mystery of the sale is reinforced by the fact that the participants get the chance to discover the previous generation of Kryptomon eggs by opening Mystery Box. The team even reported that the owner of Mysterious Chest will receive a Generation 0 Kryptomon Egg, only one of 100 eggs found in the game. Due to the rarity of each Gen 0 cryptocurrency, this rare item was recently sold for 54 BNB, and the huge Legendary Gen 0 rare egg sold for 72.45 BNB (or about $ 47,500) on the secondary market. Ability to capitalize on the user’s childhood and invest early in a new NFT project.

As an added bonus, the owner of this rare item will also have the opportunity to join the founders of the Kryptomon project in one of the founders’ chat sessions, an AMA session organized by team members to connect with the wider community. …

Arranging an exclusive event at Binance NFT Marketplace opens up a marketplace for artists, enthusiasts, creators and collectors with increased liquidity and minimal fees. Through tokens and market events, Binance NFT allows trading for all users.

Asked about this new partnership, Amit Peled, Kryptomon’s Chief Strategy Officer, said:

“We are pleased to partner with Binance NFT as they are the leading platform for collaboration in the crypto area. We hope this collaboration will be of great benefit to our users as well as Binance users. This offer is as unique as ever. He undertook a sale of this size and for this price, but we believe this offer is significant and positions us as one of the leading NFT projects in the crypto game ecosystem. ”

new breath of life
This exclusive sale is just one step in a game that will provide a new NFT experience. Team Kryptomon also announced the release of version 2.0 of their game, which will give players the opportunity to explore the metaverse and the physical world with Kryptomon, or fight against them.

Source: CoinTelegraph