Many of the DApps and blockchain-based games are designed with casino and RPG features in mind that allow players to use cryptocurrency to gamble.

FunFair is actually a white card, turnkey blockchain-based casino, and the platform aims to offer services without zero setup and no monthly minimums.

The platform’s FUN token is the fuel for all the features on the FunFair platform, and players must use it to place bets and winnings are paid the same way. FUN Codes are used to compensate game developers, pay fees and services to affiliates and in the game.

The token has grown 183% since January 28, a move that appears to be supported by user growth, the amount of effort put into the platform, and the volume of transactions in the chain.

It is worth noting that FunFair is not a casino. Therefore, it only contains the trial version (demo) on the site. However, it does provide links to two real uses, both of which are technology based.

In June 2017, ICO raised $ 26 million for 21.3% of all FUN tokens. Founders and Advisors retained 14.4%, while FunFair maintained the remaining 64.3%. Since then, the organization has decided to host more than 6 billion tokens, reducing the maximum token supply to 11 billion.

The team is committed to ensuring transparency to prevent fraud by casino operators and players. Using peer-to-peer technology and smart contracts, FunFair can eliminate the usually trusted third party.

The platform hosts classic games such as virtual slot machines, Blackjack and FanFair technologies, and third-party companies are actively developing new games. The system is completely browser based and uses HTML5 and WebGL standards to provide an easy-to-use experience on mobile devices.

Multiplayer and second level scaling
In October 2020, FunFair created a new business unit to explore multiplayer games, and a distribution agreement was signed with EveryMatrix’s remote gaming server, which is used by 600 casino brands around the world. Shamrock Treasures was the first game to be launched with this technology and it is currently available to third parties and has regulatory approval.

FunFair has also integrated two-step solutions to reduce gas taxes, and the FunFair Wallet already supports xDAI. The L2 variant will also serve as the basis for the upcoming multiplayer launch.

The number of active users is increasing daily
According to the FunFair Blog, engagement (gambling) increased 255% during the precious quarter, and the number of players grew 140%.

Additionally, many payment options have been integrated into the FunFair wallet such as Uniswap, Changelly, and Moonpay.

Online data shows that activity began to pick up shortly before the new year, topping 1,000 active addresses per day, and conversions recently reaching $ 10 million.

The only feature that can change games is MetaMask integration, but FunFair roadmap does not provide an exact date for it.

Meanwhile, social activity accounts from TheTie show that FunFair’s recent increase and new product lines are linked to understanding the code.

Blockchain games are a huge market, and many analysts have stated that this sector could become a multi-billion dollar market in the coming years.

FunFair’s blockchain transparency and white label technology will likely be attractive features for game designers, and these features seem to be the most important backbone of the recent rally.

Source: CoinTelegraph