With the abrupt departure of Chef Noomi, the original founder of SushiSwap, Sam Bankman Fried, CEO of FTX, is left with a problem.

Cointelegraph interviewed Bankman-Fried about his sushi adventure and his vision for the future of the venture.

Bankman-Freed took over SushiSwap Keys on September 6, just one week after the project was launched. Chef Noomi said that handing over these keys was as surprising to him as it was to us:

“I was sleeping on a cloth bag and heard someone shout [say] that Noomi was tweeting that he should give me the keys to the closet, and that was very wonderful. The main answer is that it came out of nowhere. ”

Chef Noomi did not explain why, but Bankman-Fred suggested it was due to his position as a respected member of society and CEO of a company that has its own development team. In addition, he is a stakeholder in SUSHI:

“I raised some of them, and I think that has to do with why I became attached to them.”

He confirmed that he did not know the identity of chef Naomi and only contacted them via DM on Twitter. It was thanks to these connections that he formed an opinion about the anonymous developer:

“I feel like they cared about SushiSwap, wanted to do a good job and worked hard for it. They have probably become a little greedy, maybe a little in their heads. […] and they made a bad decision. This is my reading, not a robbery planned since then … A long time ago or something. ”

Bankman-Fried talks about the future of the project, and believes that most of the cash will probably remain in SushiSwap during the migration process, although “this is not guaranteed and we will have to see what happens after the migration,” he added. …

The project also completed a selection process for new signatories to hold the Treasury’s keys and contracts. Bankman-Fried agreed, but said he would play a less active role after the first transition period was over:

“I can share thoughts and suggestions on this topic, but I do not want to do it, it depends on the SUSHI owners. In the end, what will not happen to me in the long run. “

Source: CoinTelegraph