Cryptocurrency markets have been filled with drama in recent years. In ten years, Bitcoin emerged out of nowhere and reached $ 20,000 in 2017 – only to survive a painful year of sales and uncertainty. But like all other short jumps, the world’s largest digital asset has tumbled … proving that the skeptics were wrong, breaking new records and winning huge crowds when 2020 ended.

This is a great story made for TV. The respected Korean author now intends to revitalize the world of cryptocurrencies in an exciting drama that will highlight the rise and fall of digital assets – and introduce the public to Bitcoin in a whole new way.

Choi Wang Kyu’s high-budget series Pumping Time will feature characters who have lost money through ICO scams, Ponzi schemes, and fake deals. Drama will accompany the journey as they gather to take revenge on the scammers – and, as you might expect, romance will flourish along the way.

A total of 10 seasons will be filmed, each consisting of 20 30-minute episodes, with the first episode starting in May. The drama will also be edited in various ways to reach the largest possible audience, and a specially modified version is expected to be released in theaters.

Market boom
The time to pump comes when the crypto industry begins in 2021 with a renewed sense of optimism. China is in the final stages of introducing a full digital yuan, and Coinbase, one of the largest exchanges in the world, is preparing for an initial public offering. Facebook is also pushing its plans to launch the Diem stablecoin.

But one of the most exciting developments in digital assets is coming from Korea itself, where the drama will be filmed. By March 2021, the structure that regulates and legalizes cryptocurrencies and exchanges will be fully operational – and as Cointelegraph previously reported, these measures have strengthened a progressive stance towards digital assets.

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With first-rate stars and an experienced production team in cryptocurrencies, the drama is supposed to be fun and educational. Choi Wang-kyu has been studying digital assets and blockchain technology since 2017, and this will help avoid some of the amateur clichés common in TV series and other movies about cryptography.

Global ambitions
As evidenced by the resounding success of the sexy K-pop group BTS, Korean productions have attracted a global audience in recent years. We hope Pumping Time will also attract a diverse audience from all over the world.

The production was fully funded by Kplay Content, which means that no token sales are required to start this ambitious project. Influencers will be called upon to help the project gain more credibility – and the drama will spotlight major currencies and groundbreaking story exchanges. There’s even a possibility that popular coded characters will appear in episodic episodes as the drama unfolds.

Some of the biggest Korean stars are said to be competing for the opportunity to act at Pumping Time, where the show will begin in February 2021. Major cryptocurrency companies will also be invited as sponsors to increase the visibility of their services. To exclude unconfirmed and fraudulent projects, advertising opportunities will only be given to reputable companies.

As part of the drama, a platform called CoinBring will educate newcomers about cryptocurrencies – and it will be used regularly by the main characters on the show. Viewers who watch the drama will also receive BRING codes so they can try out the digital assets for themselves.

Source: CoinTelegraph