Bitcoin (BTC) mining results in a lot of ‘wasted heat’. With energy prices spiraling out of control in Europe, miners have come up with innovative ways to take advantage of the heat generated by solving valid Bitcoin blocks.

While a miner dries firewood at a local wood mill in Norway, a miner heats greenhouses across the North Sea in the Netherlands to grow raw materials and open “bitcoin flowers”.

In a mutually beneficial partnership between a Dutch farmer and a bitcoin miner, Bloem mines bitcoins and grows flowers in greenhouses in North Brabant County, southeast of Rotterdam.

It works as follows: Bitcoin Bloem mines BTC in the farmer’s greenhouse and pays the electric bill; The farmer gets free heat to grow his crop. Think of the “Bitcoin Colors” that Bitcoin Bloem sells coffee whiteners for green businesses.

Bitcoin Bloem founder Bert de Groot told Cointelegraph that the process “reduces the use of natural gas” in a greenhouse growing as the heat of Bitcoin mining replaces polluting gas heaters.

Bitcoin miner collects blocks and heats greenhouse. Source: Twitter
In addition, both farms and Bitcoin Bloom saved a good amount by using BTC miners to keep warm. For the farms, the heat from the miners makes sense because natural gas prices “have gone up dramatically.” As for Bitcoin Bloem, it gets cheaper energy.

When asked if the Netherlands will be able to accept more BTC miners in the future, de Groot said the country could become “the best place to mine bitcoin.”

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“Most of the big tech giants of tech giants are located in the Netherlands like Google and Facebook because there is plenty of cooling water and cheap electricity for large scale operations.”
“The Texas solution would be interesting to propagate in the Netherlands,” he added. Texas’ decision is about “load balancing” and working with local governments to manage electricity demand.

At the moment, the Netherlands is still a relatively strict European country when it comes to crypto activities. However, popular movements such as the Domino franchise offering BTC rewards and Dutch football clubs supporting Satoshi’s invention are gaining momentum.

The flowers that Bitcoin Bloem sells are labeled “White Rabbit” and “Blue Pill”. The website scoffs at the energy fears, insecurity, and skepticism that often arise about Bitcoin, “We give you flowers for your Bitcoin because your Bitcoin is also a waste of energy.”

Source: CoinTelegraph