Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Matthews Nikolaou is the last world-renowned athlete to decide to earn his match earnings with the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC).

According to a joint announcement with the Cointelegraph, Nikolaou, who is in eighth place in the UFC’s flyweight division, received his first bitcoin check on Monday thanks to an agreement via the payroll service Bitwage.

The Brazilian athlete decided to take a salary in bitcoin to hedge against rising inflation. Nicolau said that earning bitcoins will help him maintain the value of his hard work and not worry about wasting his money, adding:

“I make money the hard way. I’m bleeding for this. MMA is an intense sport where you put everything you have in it. While I am constantly struggling on one side, I have the feeling that I am constantly losing money on the other. Then it became clear to me: Bitcoin is the answer.
In addition to the Brazilian fighter, his manager Vinicius Las Casas will also use Bitwage to earn a portion of his BTC salary. “We are very optimistic about Bitcoin and are committed to spreading the Bitcoin gospel with this latest transaction,” said Director Nicolao Vinicius Las Casas.

According to the announcement, Nicolau is the first Latin American athlete and the second UFC fighter to be paid in bitcoin. In January, UFC heavyweight fighter Francis Ngannou announced that he would receive half of his UFC 270 Bitcoin prize wallet via the Cash app.

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By starting to get paid for BTC, Nicolau joins a growing list of celebrities, politicians and athletes who have realized the importance of owning Bitcoin.

In January, the three-time NBA champion Andre Iguodala announced that he would receive a portion of his $ 2.6 million annual salary in BTC. As previously reported by the Cointelegraph, seven NFL players, including Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Trevor Lawrence, have decided to start receiving their entire salary in crypto or convert some of their salary to cryptocurrency in 2021.

Source: CoinTelegraph