FC Barcelona is collaborating with Ownix ​​to launch a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) with a focus on improving communication with its global audience.

The series will feature historic moments from the club’s 122-year history, including a famous trophy display of 95 national and international victories, including 26 national championships and five Champions League titles, according to archival data from Wikipedia.

The digital assets will be listed on the Ownix ​​marketplace and are expected to be launched in the last week of November using the platform’s own ERC-20 token.

Cointelegraph spoke with Jay El Hanani, CEO of Ownix, to get an exclusive look at the partnership.

Cointelegraph: Will the NFT collection be immediately available to Barcelona’s global fanbase, or will, for example, season ticket holders and other large groups have early access?

“We open our group to all Barcelona fans and to everyone around the world. We are not just fans.”
NFTs are quickly being used in sports, not only for their lucrative financial attractiveness, but also as an opportunity to attract fans and supporters around the world through a more personal and immersive experience. Companies like Dapper Labs, Sorare and Socios, to name a few, have made significant progress in this developing area by partnering with some of the world’s top leagues, clubs and professional athletes.

Ethereum-based Sorare has partnered with the Spanish football league La Liga to issue digital player cards, as well as a similar German league, the Bundesliga, to provide digital moments.

The platform reported trading volumes of over $ 170 million in 2021 and plans to double that number by the end of the year.

Cointelegraph: How will the assets be brought to market? At a Dutch auction, limited edition, limited edition, mint never hinged, etc.?

“The first five NFTs will be launched as part of a minting event taking place over the next few weeks at FCB facilities. During the first weeks after launch, the platform will offer unique features such as NFT. The line will also be produced in a limited edition. The sets are up for auction. ”
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Finally, we asked El Hanani to share his expectations of Barcelona fans and their sensitivity to this new asset class.

He expressed a lot of “excitement” about the acceptance as both sides try to link their relationship on a deeper level, a feeling that was reflected in the statements of FC Barcelona president Joan Laporte.

Source: CoinTelegraph