On the first day of trading, Barcelona football fans (BAR) saw a turnover that nearly doubled to $ 1.3 million, which was received from the sale of the crypto assets code earlier this week.

At the time of writing, Barcelona Fan Token only produced $ 2.5 million in trading activity, making crypto assets the second largest marketplace traded on Chiliz's trading platform after BTC / USDT.

The only link between the token and the original token Chiliz CHZ increased the trading volume by 24 hours compared to other pairs on the trading platform.

Within 24 hours of the broadcast, the fan icon rose almost 420% from $ 2.32 to a local maximum of $ 12.05, after which it reached almost 50% and is currently traded for $ 6.25.

Sell ​​the amount
The tokens of Barcelona fans sold out in less than two hours on June 22, and 600,000 tokens were issued through the Chiliz's Ethereum (ETH) token platform at a fixed price of $ 2.25.

Chilis noted that the two-minute sale was sold to BAR for $ 777,000, claiming that the premium order exceeded the original offer limit by more than five times. Tokens were sold to investors from 106 countries.

Tokens allow fans to vote in football club surveys, giving token holders the opportunity to receive rewards, including VIP guest seats in matches and the opportunity to meet team players. Currently, symbols can be used to vote on the work of fans who will be installed in the Barcelona FC locker room on the team's stadium.

Chiliz partnered with UFC
In addition to fan symbols, Chiliz has announced cooperation with UFC, the leading mixed martial arts company, to purchase tickets on the Socios-for-CHZ platform.

Chiliz also started working on the blockchain COVID-19 Immunity Pass to facilitate direct attendance at football matches in April.

Source: CoinTelegraph