While the concept of decentralization has been clarified in collaborative sectors such as the gaming industry, where members have the right to vote, it is remarkable that a major fashion house has decided to use blockchain and its core values ​​to give creative workers freedom of expression. …

On September 3, Alexander McQueen launched a new technology brand called MCQ. This brand is the first of its kind as it is powered by a blockchain-based platform that enables both designers and consumers to register and shop clothes securely. Also, the MCQ brand is not controlled by multiple designers, but each garment comes from a carefully curated collection of new designs that bring a community of like-minded people together.

Community Driven Fashion Platform
A spokesman for Cointelegraph said MCQ is more than just a fashion brand. The brand runs on a blockchain-based digital platform called MYMCQ:

Posters, employees, journalists, collectors, contributors – all meet on the MYMCQ platform. Rather, it goes beyond the sole use of blockchain. We worked on the best way to create an optimized customer experience and built our technology package around it. ”

While the MYMCQ platform ultimately serves as a collaborative platform for ambitious designers, blockchain-based startup Everledger partnered with MCQ to ensure that the platform accurately captures all garments for sale. An Everldger spokesman told the Cointelegraph:

“MYMCQ works with a customized version of Hyperledger that we developed based on a documented experience with sourcing and tracking solutions in many industries. This is a technology set similar to that used for diamond tracking, but with a custom MCQ implementation. ”

According to Everledger, each MCQ garment will have a unique identification registered on the blockchain. When a reliable and permanent digital entry is made for each item, consumers will be able to see the life cycle of the garment, from when and where the item was designed to the group to which it belongs. Consumers can find out if a product has been purchased before, and tell them about the resale history.

This is possible because all MCQs are built into NFC, so that each garment can act as a gateway between the physical and digital worlds. Consumers simply need a smartphone to scan a product brand on the outside of a garment. After scanning, consumers will receive detailed information about the product.

Finally, blockchain allows consumers to understand the source of the clothing and the authenticity of these items. It solves the problem of designer counterfeit goods, a trillion dollar industry worldwide. MCQ explained:

“Consumers can be sure that they are buying original products, whether they are sold directly from MCQ or used by another consumer, and help fight counterfeit luxury goods. By enabling easy resale of goods to consumers, MCQ hopes to stimulate conscious consumption. ”

In addition, MCQ explained that the MYMCQ platform also has community aspects built-in for both designers and consumers. For example, the platform acts as an open digital ecosystem, allowing fashion designers to create their own products and even organize music for presentations.

Consumers, also known as “collectors” on the platform, can register each purchased MCQ item in their own digital collection. “We want collectors to be fully involved in the content we offer on the platform,” said MCQ.

Source: CoinTelegraph