Late Friday night, Investorzachxbt, a decentralized finance company, or DeFi, posted a series of tweets accusing scammer Omar Zaki of hiding behind the façade of 0xbrainjar, an anonymous product manager at Composable Finance.

From November last year to February last year, Composable Finance raised over $167 million in startup funding as well as crowdfunded auctions on the Polka Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM) networks. Over 9,000 members single-handedly contributed to the DOT audience.

According to zachxbt, citing US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, Omar Zaki, a 21-year-old New York native educated at Yale with a bachelor’s degree in physics and economics, was charged with fraud. . After misleading investors while running an unregistered hedge fund, resulting in a $25,000 administrative fine. Money lost – some partially recovered.

The DeFi investigator is said to have linked the two identities by first creating a text message to send a message to both Zaki’s personal account and Anon’s account, with both messages being read at the same time. zachxbt then contacted people who “confirmed an anonymous identity link to a Yale education + physics/economics.” Finally, zachxbt stated that the phone number is linked to the developer’s name, but it’s not clear how he links Zach’s identity to 0xbrainjar.

zachxbt is known in the blockchain community for his research skills in uncovering the history of anonymous DeFi project developers. Last month, a DeFi expert correctly reported that Michael Patrin, co-founder of the privately held stock exchange QuadrigaCX, was working as a CFO in Wonderland. Just a few days later, the avalanche of the reserve currency was shut down after the negative publicity surrounding the revelation divided society sharply.

Source: CoinTelegraph