Blockchain itself is a type of technology. But like all great technologies, when used, it helps people create business and financial results in real use cases. To achieve these results, there must be an ecosystem that allows the creation and development of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications, services and platforms. Consider, for example, Ethereum (ETH), an ecosystem that provides the basis for thousands of DApps and a place where millions of users interact.

While Ethereum has introduced some original blockchain applications to the world, only the resulting applications can go far before encountering architectural issues such as slow transaction times and high gas charges. When they realize that the applications of technology are as powerful as the back end, many question the possibilities that can exist when scalability is not a limiting factor.

The Everscale architecture demonstrates this capability by eliminating performance bottlenecks and allowing data transfer to be scaled relative to network bandwidth. Everscale mainly responds to the industry’s dilemma by balancing decentralization, security and scalability.

After starting where the TON project left off, many developers who previously worked on products on the network teamed up to launch it themselves to ensure that Everscale’s technology was not wasted. As the work progressed, the rusty nodes were replaced and other speed and measurement options were introduced. Thus, the network became completely different from what is depicted in the original plans, which led to the need for a rebranding.

Since then, news of the global rebranding of the Everscale Network has prompted the Broxus team, a developer of DeFi products based on what they consider to be the most technologically advanced blockchain, to start retrofitting all existing products on the network. From the beginning, they have been trying to improve performance to enable users to take advantage of all the benefits that the Everscale Network has to offer.

An ecosystem without limits scalability
The most important Broxus platform became known as the bridge. Originally known as TON Bridge, the recently renamed Octus Bridge allows users to trade across blockchain networks through two-way transactions. Now, with the unlimited scalability that Octus has launched, users can bypass previously high costs and handle the user loading of millions of transactions.

Also on Everscale’s network is its Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform FlatQube. The project, formerly known as TON Swap, serves as a base for DeFi activity, and has been redesigned with improved offerings, paving the way for future Broxus developments. The FlatQube name then becomes symbolic of DEX’s role as the backbone of the Everscale DeFi ecosystem.

More specifically, each side of the cube is another interconnected network combined with a pool of fluidity as a central power source for the rest of the platform. On this basis, FlatQube allows users to exchange assets and gather opportunities, including farm pools, game options and earning mechanisms, by offering competitive annual rate of return (APY). As a result, FlatQube now has a user base that experiences periods of continuous growth.

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Additional support for user transactions is provided by Everscale’s network wallet. EVER Wallet operates under the new name, and users can access the features via mobile devices or the Chrome browser plugin. In addition, the new version of the wallet will support all assets on the Everscale network, making it the most convenient way for users to navigate the rest of the Everscale ecosystem.

Along with the rest of the ecosystem is Broxus’ new release of the token-filling platform. The former original currency, TON Crystal, required a transition to WTON so that users could participate in cross-breeding and farming. With the platform moving to a new native currency, ever, Broxus is back with the launch of a new platform to convert it to wEVER currency.

Unlock new platforms
With the introduction of the aforementioned new platforms, the Broxus team has proven that they are well on their way to achieving the other goals outlined in their roadmap.

During the following year, Broxus reaffirmed its focus on expanding access to Everscale Networks and the surrounding ecosystem. Together, these efforts are said to lead Everscale and Broxus to create the finish

Source: CoinTelegraph