Optimistic to see an increase in adoption after the merge update launches Ethereum’s “rollup-centric roadmap.”

Optimism (OP) price has skyrocketed since early July due to its proximity to Ethereum.

Notably, the OP price surged nearly 300% in a month, hitting $2.31 on Aug. 4, the second-highest on record. The token received bullish signals mainly due to the euphoria associated with Ethereum’s potential move to proof-of-stake. in September through an update called “The Confluence”.

Four-hour OP/USD price chart. Source: Trade View
Why “optimism”
Recall: Optimism is a cumulative solution from Ethereum. In other words, the so-called Layer 2 solution processes the off-chain Ethereum transaction validation package to increase scalability on the main chain.

Optimism may benefit from the merger as Ethereum’s Collapsing Focused Roadmap transforms its mainchain into a settlement and data availability layer, putting scalability in the hands of Layer 2 mergers through Danksharding.

“Currently, with Ethereum’s combined rollup and architecture, the current pure Ethereum transaction throughput can increase from 15-45 transactions per second to 1000-4000 transactions per second,” noted Ellie Zach, researcher at Messari, adding:

“The introduction of shards has expanded the capacity of convolutional data storage to increase that throughput to [] north of 100,000 TPS.”
This explains why OP and other Tier 2 tokens reacted positively to the July 15 merger announcement.

Ethereum Layer 2 tokens and their performance over different timeframes. Source: Messari
The OP price could fall 30% in August
Despite strong fundamentals, OP technicals suggest the rally could dry up in the coming weeks.

On the four-hour chart, the OP’s price surge coincides with its falling Relative Strength Index (RSI), indicating a “bearish divergence”. Meanwhile, an attempt to break above $2 since July 29 has been strongly rejected twice, including a 15 percent drawdown from a local high of $2.31 on August 4.

OP/USD 4 hour price chart. Source: Trade View
Therefore, an extended correction could see the OP testing its 50-4 hour exponential moving average (50-4 hour EMA; red wave) near $1.54 as an interim target on the downside. This tortuous level crowned the August 2nd OP attempt below.

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Additionally, a break below the 50-4H EMA could push the OP to $1.36, 30% below the August 4 price. Interestingly, the $1.36 level in August also served as support and coincides with multi-month support for the rising trendline.

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Source: CoinTelegraph