On August 25, Uniswap Creator Token Antiample (XAMP) and Tokens of Babel (TOB) Boa launched. Aether whale projects have seen growing interest in the uniswap niche market.

A common theme among the developer’s projects under the pseudonym Bill Drummond is Unique Supply Systems. Unconventional mechanisms such as restoration reduce the supply of XAMP and TOB by burning coins over time.

For example, TOB is a token that uses asset return to reduce the supply, but ensures that the owner has a certain percentage of the total supply. Bell explains:

Restoring TOB will affect the number of tokens in your wallet, but not your overall share of the total supply. If you own 0.5% of the total supply, you will always own 0.5% of the total supply, regardless of the number of tokens in your portfolio. “”

Why did Boa hit $ 100,000 for a short time?
Similar to other Bell projects, Boa also has a proprietary supply system that makes it a deflationary symbol. In addition to the burning coin, Boa imposes a 1% tax on sellers, not buyers, which frustrates sellers.

On paper, the boa costs $ 100,000, but the supply in circulation is less than 50 and the supply continues to decline over time.

Even at a price of $ 100,000, the actual market value of the token will still be below $ 5 million. The Boa price is currently trading just under $ 51,000, according to Uniswap. This puts the token’s market value at around $ 2.5 million.

The developer said it was inspired by yearn.finance’s YFI, which recently peaked at $ 16,668 due to a tight supply of $ 50,000. The developer said:

“People love YFI because it’s so expensive. The number is increasing. Well, with Boa there are only 50 tokens in circulation. Fifty. And with the incentive to burn, there will be fewer and fewer tokens to turn around.”

Bell’s projects and unique tokens are experiments with special supply systems. In the cryptocurrency market, there were assets with a fixed offer or inflationary cryptocurrencies, but there is no ever decreasing supply on special terms.

For example, the developer said that Boa was created after the team unexpectedly discovered some issues with XAMP and TOB. Bell said the sellers were trying to take advantage of the delivery terms. The developer stated:

“We looked at how Antiample and Babel’s tokens are traded in the community. There seems to be some activity focused on getting or not getting to the burns. This resulted in one side of the traders “pushing” for the cremation while the other side took advantage of this payment and bought or sold against it. This created an unexpected conflict. ”

Are These Beta Codes a Good Thing?
Depending on how users perceive the creation of special tokens, it is controversial whether these uniswap tokens will benefit the cryptocurrency market in the long term.

On the one hand, it enables a relatively specialized market and community to experiment with cryptocurrencies that operate on the basis of conditional supply systems. However, given their small market boundaries, experimental procurement plans and tokens, investing in such sophisticated digital tokens involves significant risks.

Source: CoinTelegraph