Virgil Griffiths, a former Ethereum researcher accused of conspiring to break US sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, on Thursday filed a motion to drop charges against him on the grounds that the New York District Attorney’s Office was willing to report . … Griffith’s crime. …

Griffiths, 37, was arrested by FBI agents on November 28, 2019, after speaking at a conference in North Korea in April.

Prosecutors allege that Griffiths provided services to the North Korean government at the conference in the form of “valuable information” he provided to DPRK officials and that he “participated in negotiations” on how to use blockchain technology to avoid sanctions.

Meanwhile, Griffiths claims that his proposal was “a very public show based on public information.”

Thursday’s proposal to lift charges is now dependent on whether the planning and delivery of this presentation can be interpreted as a conspiracy to lift fines.

On the move, Griffiths claims that since he was not paid to participate and was not a contract consultant, he did not provide “services” to North Korea, and that his speech is protected from blocking by the US government during the first speech. Edit. …

In addition, Griffiths claims that his proposal falls directly under the exception of the International Economic Emergency Powers Act for the exchange of “information” and “communication materials.”

Added on the move:

“If the speech that Mr. Griffiths allegedly gave is not ‘information,’ then it is nothing.”
As Cointelegraph previously reported, the Griffith case divided the crypto community.

In December, Ethereum founded Vitalik Buterin Griffith and said:

I do not think what Virgil did really helped North Korea do anything bad. Provide a quote based on publicly available open source software information. There were no weird “upgraded” pirates. […] “Virgil did not receive any personal benefit from the trip. […] I hope the United States […] focuses on the real and harmful corruption they are fighting against in all countries, rather than on the harassment of programmers giving speeches. ”

Source: CoinTelegraph