An esports website that uses a sophisticated blockchain protocol to eliminate video display manipulation has launched non-replaceable tokens.

Esports Fight Club, owned by Verasity, reports that the NFTs contain posters, badges, weapons, mods and short videos summarizing the highlights of esports tournaments. All are developed using Verasity’s proprietary Proof-of-View protocol, which aims to eliminate fraud in the world of revenue generation.

Each NFT on the platform is unique, with proof of ownership through PoV. This gives users full control over non-exchangeable tokens, so they can resell or distribute them as they wish.

NFTs will soon be available in Esports Fight Club Store along with a number of other items.

Natural development
NFT is naturally characteristic of Esports Fight Club, according to Verasity, given that these digital assets are well suited to a fan-based economy. Across the industry, these tokens are now being used to create trading cards for the best athletes and memorable moments at sporting events.

Verasity offers a private video player that can track real viewing levels as well as user intent and contextual data. As Cointelegraph previously reported, the project fights false views – the Proof of View protocol was granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (# 1,095693).

With Esports Fight Club, the professional streaming player with a large fan base will be able to use the platform – together with Verasity technology – for data storage, consumption and targeted NFTs.

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Increase confidence in NFT
Verasity executives believe evidence of vision can help eliminate some of the scams seen in NFT today – a problem that has prevented some published artists from taking the first leap in cryptography. Some creators claimed that their creations appeared on the NFT markets without their consent.

Proof-of-View technology can be used on digital collections as well as video content.

User data is stored in the form of a fingerprint, which is hashed and placed on the blockchain to verify the chain of trust, which also complies with the privacy rules.

With the popularity of NFT growth and sales skyrocketing as thousands of new investors flock to space, we hope Verasity’s approach protects authenticity, trust and ownership – all of which enhance the experience of the passionate Esports Fight Club community.

Verasity is currently in talks with the large auction house NFT to implement Proof of View as the industry-wide standard protocol for NFT authentication.

Esports and NFT: Peas in a Capsule?
Experts in the sports industry believe that NFTs can improve revenue generation opportunities for games for both publishers and developers, and change the way players interact with their favorite games. Thanks to NFT, players will be able to own assets in the game that no one else owns, make their own weapons, sell them to others and transfer them between games.

The adoption of NFT has been somewhat slow among the major game producers so far, but there is optimism that it may herald a new era in gaming – just as in e-sports, the increase in broadcasting has given us new ways to consume content and become part of the global community. community of like-minded people. …

Large gaming companies see NFT as a new way to make money. Veracity says Esports Fight Club provides a use case for its Proof-of-View protocol to become the industry standard for proprietary chain authentication and blockchain verification.

Esports Fight Club gives users the opportunity to participate in dozens of tournaments for the most popular games in the world. New features are constantly being added to the site, as well as support for new games such as Valorant, PUBG, CS: GO and Free Fire as amateurs and professional teams join together in friendly or serious tournaments.

Looking ahead, the platform is set to launch its game store with NFTs, weapons and mods later this year.

Source: CoinTelegraph