In the new chapter of EOS Community vs. Creators EOS Network Foundation (ENF) founder and “community elected CEO” Yves LaRose said they are ready for a legal “war” against, the creators. EOS.

According to La Rose, they are considering any potential lawsuits to “get $ 4.1 billion in damages.” The EOS leader has now stated that the Canadian law firm is working with them to look at legal action they can take against the original developers of EOS.

In a blog post, the foundation announced that many members of the EOS community are not entirely happy with

“ has not kept its promises to previous promises, and both EOS users and individuals have suffered as a result.”
Last year, the foundation announced that it was in talks with to find common ground. Both sides entered into negotiations to resolve the issues in a fair way. However, the ENF noted that refused to negotiate. As a result, EOS blockchain manufacturers have found it necessary to freeze the right to future EOS token revenue to

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Back in 2018, held an initial coin offering (ICO) for EOS tokens (EOS), selling 900 million tokens worth over $ 4 billion, the largest ICO at the time. But since then, many have suffered. Disappointed with the direction the company has taken.

A few months ago, La Rose called EOS a failure. Referring to market value and depreciation, he said it was a terrible financial and time-consuming cost. He also said that the community has lost large developers, moved away from blockchain development and switched to asset management.

Source: CoinTelegraph