In a recent interview with Joe Rogan's audio broadcast, Elon Musk inflation is a problem Bitcoin solves.

Musk Rogan told May 7 that some of the current US residents see the economy as a continuously present gift basket that will continue to meet needs even when the country is separate from the regular work flow.

Misk said that he can only send checks to everyone, and everything will be fine, and this is not true, referring to the financial incentives the US government sent to the population.

The government cannot logically support the money printing efforts
In an effort to correct the current difficult economic transformation, the United States government has used a bait for a cash printer and put a $ 2 trillion stimulus package.

According to Musk, simply printing money does not work without producing goods or services. He said: “If you don't do anything, nothing.” “You can't just make laws and solve these problems.”

Bitcoin solves it
Built with a maximum width of 21 million coins, inflation is not allowed. The only inflation noted in Bitcoin is the mining reward, which increases the tradable offer from the ceiling cap. Except for a solid fork held together with a chain of bitcoin, this cap will never rise.

However, Musk and Rogan didn't mention Bitcoin during a two-hour long interview, according to the chat version.

The golden beetle Peter Schiff also decorated Twitter in an interview on Misk's comments. Schiff said: “When foreign demand for the dollar decreases and we cannot import what others do, nothing happens,” without mentioning Bitcoin as part of a possible solution.

Schiff made himself known as the Bitcoin anti-personality. Musk contains only 0.25 BTC, as of 2019.

Source: CoinTelegraph